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Bluetooth tracking devices .. A “surprise” attack from Apple and Samsung


Many technology companies are struggling to capture one percent of the electronics market with Bluetooth trackers.

Tile models dominate this type of electronics, but Samsung provided the Galaxy Smart Tag and Galaxy Smart Tag +, and Apple partnered with the AirTake model on these types of devices, with the addition of the Tile Pro and Musicer Finder 2 models.

Apple and Samsung

Apple AirTake, Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag and Galaxy Smart Tag + Tracker are only supported on every company system; Where the user needs an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone, the Apple device is set up very easily; Where the user needs to open the packaging, remove the security chip, place the tracker next to the iPhone and click the “Connect” button, that’s all.

In contrast, Samsung devices were set up a bit more complicated; The user needs to make two firmware updates on the tracker and install an additional tool for the smartphone app.

It is easy to set up Tile and Museker Finder 2 devices by installing the respective processor on the smartphone.

Experimental results showed that all trackers were on their main mission, that is, locating missing objects and pointing them in the direction of audio signals.

Ultra-wide frequency band

Apple AirDec and Samsung Smart Tag Pro Edition trackers support location resolution with increased reality environment technology in the last meter; The direction to search will appear on the screen with arrows.

This search mode requires a UWB wireless connection, and Tile Pro or Musa Finder 2 trackers do not support UWB search.

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For smartphones, at least the Apple iPhone 11 is required when using the UWP search system, and for Samsung models, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Z Fold 2, S21 Plus or S21 Ultra.

UWB technology makes a big difference when searching through the increased reality environment of the last few meters is a trick, but losing the keychain outside the home when the keychain gets lost inside the home or office; Since this is beyond the scope of Bluetooth technology, Apple and Samsung trackers can point to their exact status with the help of other users’ iPhones and Samsung phones.


In principle, this search mode works on Tile Pro trackers without UWB, but with Bluetooth technology, but Tile App must be installed on smart devices in the surrounding area and work with Bluetooth.

During the practical test, the airtake monitoring device was placed in an electric car so that the user could determine its location. The advantage of this function appears when family members share the use of a car, they do not have a fixed location in front of the house park.

Apple and Samsung’s trackers compatible with UWB look great, and Tile Pro or Muse Finder 2 trackers can be used on the iPhone and any other Android phone. The importance of this function becomes clear when the mode is set.

Additionally, the current use of the Musicer Finder 2 tracker provides remote shooting functionality with the smartphone camera, and Tracker Finder 2 requires no logins and no location information is sent. The user is interested in such activities, wants to maintain privacy and protect data.

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The maximum Bluetooth coverage range of the Tile Pro tracker is up to 130 meters, in addition, it is louder than Apple and Samsung devices, and does not come with the Apple Tracker medal, so the user may be able to buy the medal offered by Apple or cheaper medals than other companies.

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