January 30, 2023

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Boris Johnson escapes no-confidence vote in Britain's ruling party |  political news

Boris Johnson escapes no-confidence vote in Britain’s ruling party | political news


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson escaped a no-confidence vote within the ruling Conservative Party on Monday, with 54 MPs from the party calling the move a “partygate” or “party scandal” to “turn the page” on Johnson during a spokesman call and focus on the most important issues. Considered an opportunity.

The party scandal also involved meetings inside British government headquarters (Downing Street), where Boris Johnson was involved in imposing precautionary measures against the new Corona virus outbreak.

Today’s secret ballot is taking place in the wake of differences between members of the ruling party over Johnson’s violation of measures to combat the Corona epidemic and splits in his style of leading government policy and government.

Johnson needs the support of at least 180 MPs (half of the party’s MPs in parliament plus one) from the Conservative Party to continue as prime minister.

In a letter to his party’s MPs in the House of Commons, Johnson asked for his support and rejected the no – confidence motion, saying, “I ask for your support tonight because I know how much we can achieve together.” Yes, and we can continue to work. ” Without stopping the noise.

Johnson, who passed the no-confidence vote, will not face a similar referendum for one year under current party rules.

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