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macOS Ventura adds powerful productivity tools and new stability features


Apple reviewed today macOS VenturaThe latest version of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system that takes the Mac experience to the next level. Stage Manager offers Mac users a new way to focus on the task at hand when switching seamlessly between apps and windows. Continuity Camera Feature Using your iPhone as a webcam on your Mac to do previously impossible things,1 By adding Handoff to FaceTime, users can initiate FaceTime calling on their iPhone or iPad and transfer it seamlessly to their Mac. Safari – the world’s fastest browser on Mac – Mac and Messages applications have been developed with great new features. 2– Puts in the hands of the user of future operation without passwords by pass keys. With the power and popularity of the Apple silicon chip and the new developer tools in Metal 3, gaming on the Mac is better than ever.

macOS Ventura includes powerful features and innovations that will help you improve the way you use your Mac. New tools such as the Stage Manager interface make it easier and faster to focus on tasks and move between apps and windows, and the Continuity Camera adds new video conferencing features to any Mac, including desktop view, Studio Lite and more. With useful new features in Messages, new search technology in email and an updated design in Spotlight, Ventura comes up with many more features and adds many more ways for customers to use their Mac.

New way to work between applications and windows

Stage Manager automatically organizes open applications and windows so users can focus on their work and at the same time see everything at a glance. The current window where users work is clearly visible in the middle, while other open windows appear on the left so that users can easily move between tasks. Users can group windows together when working on specific tasks or projects that require different applications. The Stage Manager interface works in tandem with other MacOS Windows tools – including Mission Control and Spaces – now allowing users to easily access the desktop with a single click.

Apple devices are compatible with continuity features

The series gives the camera Mac users now have the ability to use their iPhone as a webcam, allowing them to take advantage of new capabilities that were previously not possible on a webcam. With the power of continuity, your Mac can automatically detect and use your iPhone’s camera when it’s nearby — without having to raise or select it — and connect your iPhone wirelessly to your Mac for greater flexibility. 3 The Continuity Camera brings innovative features to all Mac computers, including center stage, portrait mode and the new Studio Lite – the effect of brightening the user’s face when the backlight is dimmed. Additionally, Continuity Camera enables desktop viewing using the iPhone’s Ultra White Camera, which simultaneously displays the user’s face and overlay image of the office — a great feature for creating videos without professional assistance, viewing maps via FaceTime, and more.4

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FaceTime’s Handoff feature now allows users to make FaceTime calls on an Apple device and then transfer it seamlessly to another nearby Apple device. Users can receive a call on their iPhone or iPad, transfer it to their Mac with one click, and start the call on their Mac and transfer it to their iPhone or iPad whenever they want to continue that call on the go.

Powerful updates for major MacOS applications and features

Safari provides a faster, more efficient browsing experience on your Mac with leading privacy features. In MacOS Ventura, Safari introduces a powerful new way for users to browse together: with shared tab groups, friends, family and co-workers can share their favorite sites on Safari and see what tabs others are viewing. Users can create a list of bookmarks on the shared start page, as well as start a conversation on Messages or start a FaceTime call right from Safari, which is a great way to plan a trip or explore a project.

As the biggest improvement in searches over the years, the mail application uses the latest technology to deliver highly relevant, highly accurate and complete search results. Users can now find what they are looking for, including the latest emails and contacts, by clicking on Search. Photos and more. Before they start writing. Users can schedule emails and cancel their distribution after pressing send.5Mail will now wisely detect if items such as a link or CC recipient are missing from their message. In the Mail app, users can set reminders to return to a message at a specific time and date, and they may also receive automatic suggestions for following the email if there is no response.

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Now, in the Messages app on the Mac, you can edit, deactivate a recently sent message, save it as unread message, or recover accidentally deleted messages. 6 New collaborative features allow you to work with others quickly and seamlessly. Now, when a user shares a file in the Messages app using the Share or Drag and Drop page, they can choose to copy or collaborate, and they can choose to collaborate. , Everyone in the thread will be added automatically, and when someone edits a shared document, process updates will appear at the top of the thread. Users can join Shareplay sessions on messages directly from their Mac so they can chat and participate in synced experiences.

Spotlight includes an updated design that makes navigation easier, new features that provide a more consistent experience across Apple devices, and a quick preview for quick files, so users can now view photos in the system and in the photo library on the Internet. They can search their photos by location, persons, scenes or items, and live text allows them to search by text within photos. For greater productivity, users can now perform certain actions, such as turning on the timer from the spotlight, creating a new document, or running a shortcut. Spotlight now has good results for artists, movies, actors, TV shows and business and sports.

With the iCloud Shared Photo Library, users can now create and share a separate photo library for up to six family members, so everyone can enjoy all of their family photos. Users can choose to share all the pictures in their personal libraries or share them based on the start date or the ones in the photos. To help keep their shared library up to date, users will receive smart suggestions for sharing relevant photo moments involving photo library participants and others of their choice. Every user in the shared photo library can add, delete, edit or add shared photos and videos to favorites, which appear in each user’s memoir and featured photos so everyone can enjoy the whole family again.

Safe browsing on Safari

Browsing on Safari is password-protected, new generation login credentials are secure and easy to use, and are designed to change passwords. Passwords are unique digital keys that are stored on the device and are never stored on the web server, so hackers can not leak them or deceive users. Passwords make it easy to sign in securely with Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification, and iCloud Keychain syncs with end-to-end encryption across Mac, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. They work across apps and the Internet, and users can sign in to websites or apps on non-Apple devices with their iPhone.

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High speed gaming experiences

The power of the Apple silicon chip enables all new Macs to easily run premium games, including upcoming titles from Electronic Arts to Grid Legends and Capcom’s Resident Evil Village. Also, with Apple’s silicon chip running the iPad, game developers will be making leading AAA games like Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky available to more users later this year, both on Mac and iPad.

Metal 3 is the latest version of the software that enhances Apple’s cross-platform gaming experience, brings new features that bring gaming to your Mac, and opens Apple’s silicon chip for many years. MetalFX Upscaling allows developers to quickly deliver complex displays using frames that require lower performance, and then use a resolution enhancement and buffer anti-alias, resulting in a more responsive experience and stunning graphics for faster performance cameras. Game developers can take advantage of the new, faster resource loading API.

Great experiences with MacOS Ventura

  • uses Live text Device intelligence for text recognition across images across the system now adds support for suspended video frames and Japanese and Korean texts. Users can now drag an element from the image to another application. And expands Display public search feature Among its recognition abilities are now animals, birds, insects, statues and many more symbols.
  • Application Weather And thisFor an hour All the features that iPhone users know and want have been created for the Mac.
  • Add tools Utility facilities New live titles for all audio content, type of talk during calls, text verification for VoiceOver users verification support, and more. 7
  • System Configuration It’s a new name for system options, and comes with a new, simpler design that is easy to navigate and instantly accustomed to iPhone and iPad users.
  • Including a quick security response that works between regular updates – strengthening macOS security with new tools to prevent your Mac attack – to easily update security without restarting.
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