March 28, 2023

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British debate on Syrian refugees .. The route to Rwanda

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The Syrian refugee crisis has spread to European countries to reach Britain, whose asylum laws say no refugees entering British territory should be deported. , According to the agreement between the two countries.

Britain is the first Western country to seek deportation of Syrian refugees claiming to have arrived on British soil without permission, while refugees in asylum centers will be sent to Rwanda, where their asylum applications will be considered. And then deciding whether or not to accept asylum.

The British operation sparked widespread controversy in British circles and received a speech from British human rights groups condemning such actions. .

Official letters

The British Home Office, for its part, has announced that the first group of immigrants has begun receiving official letters to its members that they can “establish a secure life” in Rwanda. “The deportation decision confirms their trip to Rwanda,” a statement said, adding that Rwanda and its date and the first batch of them are expected to travel next month, especially on June 14.

In turn, the organization “Tension Action” threatened to sue, and said in a statement: “What is the way to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Week? 14 refugees are being deported based on what they say to survivors. Have to travel and travel.

The target is Rwanda

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last April that some illegal immigrants would be deported to Rwanda, where their asylum applications would be considered. Those who fail to apply for asylum in Rwanda will have the opportunity to apply for a visa to travel through other immigration routes if they wish to return to the UK, but they will have the fear of deportation.

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Last year, Danish parties demanded the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland, where the war ended and the war ended, with the influx of refugees from Ukraine increasing due to the war.