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British scientists develop earphones to replace EKG


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Wed, Jan 3, 2024 10:58 PM

British scientists have developed earphones that detect irregular heartbeats and hope they will replace electrocardiograms within two years.Imperial College London researchers have developed a wearable device that can read the heart throughout the day. Like an EKG. Electrocardiogram.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, modern earphones can be used to detect irregular heartbeats by monitoring the heart's electrical activity..

Researchers at Imperial College London have developed an in-ear device that is slightly larger than an earphone and can take ECG readings throughout the day. A new study found that the device works just like a traditional ECG using electrodes. On the chest, make two measurements. In 3.

Although the earphone detects a weaker signal from the heart than an EKG device, it has the advantage of being farther away from the body, making it easier to wear for hours at a time, and it could help diagnose people more quickly, the paper added. , without going to the doctor, if they suffer from heart rhythm disorder.

The newspaper explains that heart rhythm disorders, which affect around two million people in the United Kingdom, include irregular heartbeats called atrial fibrillation, which if left untreated can increase the risk of serious health conditions such as stroke or heart attack. Educators for earphones, they called it “Audible”It will be available for people to buy within two years.

Researchers tested the earphones on 10 people and compared them to a traditional ECG device using two electrodes worn on the chest. The earphones provided a more accurate reading of the ECG than the traditional ECG due to its shape and distance. This is important in catching fast or slow heartbeats. Importantly, for example, people with atrial fibrillation produce many small waves, rather than one large wave at the beginning of the reading, which should be detected..

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However, the researchers are trying to make the device more sensitive, and say their earbuds could be used to monitor the brain and detect sleep and stress levels..

Professor Danilo Mandic, senior author of the study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science: “ This is a pioneering method of taking an ECG from the ear canal to detect early signs of chronic heart problems. We want people to stay with their doctor instead of going to see their doctor before they get sick and are diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. Monitor their heart rate and watch for any changes

Professor Montague added: “Earbuds are easy to wear and are very discreet and natural, unlike electrodes worn on the scalp or around the neck. Our earbuds were granted a US patent in April and we hope these devices will become available. Buy in the future.”.

For people who already have fast or slow heartbeats or arrhythmias, earphones can help monitor the extent to which the condition is being controlled by medication. Headphones It monitors the heart's electrical activity using built-in electrodes, using the expansion and contraction of tiny blood vessels in the ear canal as the heart pumps to make the reading more accurate..

The researchers tested it on five people who were asked to pretend to drive a car in a virtual reality game, and found that the readings were accurate when people moved their heads and bodies and squeezed their jaws to change position. of the earbuds compared to the electrode around the neck.

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