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What challenges does Sherin Abdel Wahab face after divorce in 2024?


Shereen Abdel Wahab opened the year 2024 with many new changes in her artistic and personal life. After her divorce from her husband at the end of last year, she entered the new year without Hossam Habib. New challenges as he engages in several legal battles.

Sherin Abdel Wahab's lawyer reveals the legal challenges he faces

Star Sherin Abdel Wahab kicked off his career in 2024 with a stellar concert in Dubai on New Year's Eve 2024 with artist Najwa Karam and George Wasuf. Sherin Abdel Wahab looked remarkably svelte and vivacious and dazzled at the ceremony. Good news for him to continue his artistic activities in 2024. Especially after her divorce from Hossam Habib, the public speculated that Sherin Abdel Wahab will start a new phase in her artistic and personal life in the new year.

Sherin Abdel Wahab

But Sherin Abdel Wahab seems to be facing several difficult challenges on his way back to work after the divorce, and legal challenges in 2024, details revealed by his lawyer Hossam Lotfi in his statements. The “ET Arab” project, Sherin Abdel Wahab is currently involved in several legal disputes, especially its legal dispute with Rotana, whose contract between them was recently terminated, which is initially awaiting a verdict. 2024.

Sherin Abdel Wahab
Starring Sherin Abdel Wahab

Challenges facing Sherin Abdel Wahab in 2024

The crisis between Shereen Abdel Wahab and Rotana has not been resolved despite recent reconciliation efforts, according to Shereen Abdel Wahab's lawyer. The fine was imposed after Sherin Abdel Wahab signed a contract with another production company, and nearly half a million dollars in damages were sought after Sherin Abdel Wahab agreed to release two new ones for failing to fulfill the terms of the contract with Rotana. albums with the company during his contract period.

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Sherin Abdel Wahab
Sherin Abdel Wahab

Lawyer Hossam Lotfi confirmed that Sherin Abdel Wahab's contract with Rotana had ended, specifically because Sherin had returned the estimated £8 million worth of the contract to the company, and Sherin had provided evidence that the contract had expired. Sherin expressed his willingness to settle the crisis with Rotana amicably as he does not want a lengthy legal dispute with Rotana, which he appreciates, and has already offered to submit a request for clarification to the court to resolve the dispute. , but Rotana refused and insisted on a legal dispute, Sherin's lawyer confirmed in his statements.

Sherin Abdel Wahab
Actress Sherin Abdel Wahab

Sherin's lawyer, Abdel Wahab, said the conflict with Rotana made Sherin unhappy that he was not supporting her in her other legal crisis, as Sherin waged a legal battle against “Basement Records,” the company that manages his business. , and that the company took over Sherin's new songs that were planned to be released with Rotana, and that Sherin offered to release other songs with Rotana without consent and rights, so he believes Rotana is as victimized as Sherin, and he doesn't want to be at war with the company. Honorable as Rotana.

Sherin Abdel Wahab
Sherin Abdel Wahab

Features of Sherin Abdel Wahab's art project in 2024

Shereen Abdel Wahab's lawyer said the legal crisis will end soon and expressed his confidence in Shereen's ability to regain her rights in the future. She also revealed that Sherin is preparing to sign a deal with a new company to produce and sponsor her artwork. As for the upcoming period, she is still in the process of legal reviews and awaiting the outcome of her battle with Basement Records to regain her accounts on social networking sites, before a final contract with the company is reached. , Sherin Abdel Wahab has been away from social networking sites for years after losing control of them for over a year due to his disagreements with the company.

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Sherin Abdel Wahab
Sherin Abdel Wahab

It is noteworthy that Sherin Abdel Wahab has returned to concerts after a hiatus that coincided with several news related to her personal life and her divorce from Hosam Habib. Sherin performed her new concert in Dubai. United Arab Emirates and star Najwa Karam also participated in the concert segments, while star George Wassuf and Sherin Abdel Wahab stunned the audience by appearing thinner and clearer than in previous episodes. Appearing in the past months, he gained a lot of weight, but it seems that he recently lost his excess weight and appeared in good shape, and he is waiting for crises, which caused him not to release his album in 2023, which he was scheduled to release with Rotana.

Sherin Abdel Wahab's Instagram account and pictures of companies that organize her parties.

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