May 28, 2023

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Details of the Egyptian broadcaster’s crisis with a former player in Jamalek

Crisis erupted between Egyptian media Mai Helmi and former Jamalek player Captain Ahmed Saleh. Some were described as “professionally inappropriate” and the former Jamalek player withdrew from the show, and the video for this episode was attacked by social media pioneers for its style.

The channel issued a statement announcing the suspension of the media show and the accompanying inquiry, the text of the report reads: So, first of all, we decided to recommend the media for investigation and secondly: to stop broadcasting. Judgment on the event screen until the end of the trial as a precautionary measure. “

The artist, Tina Ford, criticized the media My Helmy, who was suspended from work due to a controversial episode and recommended for trial.

Artist Ahmed Flux sent a message to May Helmi, “Calculations and permanent misjudgments without any need for any truth, this is a big talk. End of speech .. You do not judge anyone and do not see Saturday. The word is over, ”according to the Al-Wadan newspaper.

The artist, Mohammad Rashad, did not hide his feelings for Mai Helmi because he released a video clip in which he sings his latest work of art, “I’m not happy.” During the video, he appeared to sing the lyrics of the song, “I’m not happy, but you know I’m sorry.

May Helmy responded to her ex-wife with the “Asterie” feature on her official account on the Instagram photo and video site: “Don’t worry about anything, take me with you to die a soul.”


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