February 6, 2023

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Cardiola is not excited about the chance of a three-way victory

Cardiola is not excited about the chance of a three-way victory

Manchester City coach Pep Cardiola has confirmed that he is not excited about the chance to win the tri-series.
Manchester City are chasing three trophies this season, but despite winning eight trophies in six years with the club, Cardiola said the trophies did not inspire him.

“It doesn’t inspire me, of course, zero, less than zero,” Cardiola said.

Manchester City are leading the English Premier League, and have reached the quarter-finals of the European Champions League and FA Cup.

He added: “These are fictions, hard to tell the truth, very hard to play at the highest level.”

Instead, Cardiola will focus on winning individual matches as he leads the team to the next match against Crystal Palace on Monday.

The battle for the Premier League title is close, especially with second-placed Liverpool six points behind Manchester City and a game in hand, and will be Manchester City’s guest next month.

Cardiola considers there to be a limited amount of error in each remaining game this season, and he will consider all remaining matches to be cup finals.

“The matches at Crystal Palace are always tough, this is the final for us and we know it,” the Spaniard said.

He added, “We hope we can be well prepared to reach the match on Monday to face our opponent.”

He explained: “It will always be in my mind that every game we play is a final, and that’s when we start playing in the last ten matches in the Premier League, when you have to play 55 matches, these are not finals. There are ten matches left and they are all finals.

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Crystal Palace beat Manchester City 2-0 when they met in Manchester last October, and Cardiola is looking forward to another tough match.