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Razer’s new streaming accessories help you look and feel your best


Razer’s three new products are aimed at making you look and feel beautiful. When you’re at a desk, the $ 249.99 Razer Audio combination offers up to four channels of audio control with a variety of audio processing options, and will brighten you up during the new $ 299 Key Lite Chroma streams. But if you are a fan of portable and portable, Razer is also introducing a $ 99 Seiren Bluetooth label microphone for vlogging on the go.

The Audio mix Provides an all-in-one interface to control audio while broadcasting and competing with options TC Helicon’s GoXLR. Most of its interface is used by 4 sliders, each controlling an audio channel, which allows you to set the corresponding modules of the microphone with games, background music, and so on. Each channel has a mute switch and a whistle button if you want to censor your dirty language.

The inputs include XLR and 3.5mm jacks.
Photo: Razor

Audio mixer connections include XLR microphone input, optical input, USB-C and 3.5mm line-in and out ports. On the front are another pair of 3.5mm jacks for headphones and microphones. You can control the mixer using Razor’s Synapse software, and also allow you to apply effects such as echo or echo to your voice. It requires a Windows 10 or higher PC to work, but it can also handle audio from game consoles.

The label microphone is designed to be clipped on your clothes.
Photo: Razor

Meanwhile, the Siren Bluetooth label microphone is designed to provide a flexible, low-profile way to record audio while on the go. It clips into your clothes and has an all-way microphone, and comes with air socks to help with noisy sounds or background noise, whether you are outside or indoors. Provides up to six hours of battery life, which Engadget Notes If you enable the AI-based noise cancellation feature, it is reduced to four.

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Fluorescent streamer with two key light chromas.
Photo: Razor

Finally, there is the $ 299 Key Lite Chroma, which appears to be a competitor. Elkado’s $ 199 key. Its model offers up to 2,800 lumens of brightness, adjustable colors and white temperature, and the stand attached to your desk, says Razr. You can synchronize the lighting with other Razer Croma devices to keep your office’s RGB light display smooth.

The Razer Audio Mixer, Razer Seiren BT and Razer Key Light Croma are now available from Razer and Authorized Dealers.

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