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Choose one of these 6 natural remedies for insomnia and sleep soundly tonight


A good night’s sleep is essential to human health. But when suffering from insomnia, sleep can seem impossible and leave one feeling frustrated, especially if one has already tried classic tricks like reading a book and turning off blue lights an hour before bed. According to a report published by CNET, in the morning, the mind and body feel the effects of lack of sleep, and it is possible to spend several hours of the night staring at the ceiling.

When one searches online for natural remedies for sleep disorders, melatonin supplements are usually the first recommendation. But if he wants to turn to natural remedies and is skeptical about the potential or potential side effects of pharmaceutical supplements or drugs, he can follow one of six natural sleep aids and techniques to help relieve insomnia:

1. Herbal tea

Drinking tea is an ancient practice, and chamomile and magnolia teas in particular are among the most popular teas used as natural remedies for anxiety, stress, and insomnia. A cup of herbal tea can take at least 1-2 hours before bed, allowing you to relax, enjoy the tea, and use the bathroom before lights out. But experts advise checking the ingredients label to make sure products don’t contain caffeine.

2. Lavender oil on the pillow

But if tea isn’t your favorite way to relax before bed, floral and herbal fragrances can help with sleep. Lavender, chamomile, and bergamot are some of the popular essential oils that help with sleep. Experts warn against ingesting essential oils, but you can put a small drop on a pillow at night. Essential oils can be diffused in the air or dried lavender can be used to make a tea.

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3. CBD oils

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is derived from the hemp plant. CBD is considered a safe and effective treatment for insomnia, and it does not contain THC, the substance in marijuana that alters an individual’s mood. Numerous studies have shown that CDP oil is very effective in improving sleep and reducing anxiety. CBD is available in many forms such as oils and creams.

4. Sour cherry juice

Tart cherry juice increases melatonin production in those who consume it before bed. The results of a study suggest that drinking cherry juice before bed fights insomnia and helps you stay in bed longer and sleep better.

5. Dried passionflower

Passionflower is a fast growing vine that produces vibrant flowers. The flower has a beautiful shape and can be used to combat insomnia by consuming the dried product as a herbal tea or as a cream using the oil extracted from it. Pregnant women should not use this method.

6. Yoga and meditation before bed

An easy, simple and non-invasive way to do yoga or meditation before bed is to replace rigorous exercise before bed. In yoga, you can focus on breathing exercises and stretching exercises, and in meditation, many meditation exercises can be used to eliminate insomnia and get better quality sleep.

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