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Participants tell the story of a Jordanian field hospital in Gaza



Participants tell the story of a Jordanian field hospital in Gaza

Kabarni – One of the officers of the Jordanian army goes back to 2009 when he got the news and is still very happy today because he was selected in the force that goes to the King Abdullah II Field Hospital. It was ordered to be established that year at Tal al-Hawa in the Gaza Strip of Jordan.

According to the official who spoke to Al-Nahar Al-Arabi, Jordanian Street experienced great turmoil and tension as a result of the Israeli offensive, the first large-scale occupation of the Gaza Strip. December twenty-seventh, 2008, continued for 23 days…until January 18th, 2009, about 10 days after the end of the occupation, when the hospital began its work in Gaza.

Among the most important things the officer remembers from that period, the king donated blood to the people of Gaza when the war broke out, thus starting a national blood donation campaign, after which he instructed the army to equip a military field hospital, the establishment of which has benefited millions of Gazans to this day. The officer points out that it was a dream for him and his colleagues in the army to go to Gaza as part of the field hospital team, at which point everyone made every effort to find a way to join the team run by higher-ups. A sense of responsibility for the brothers in Gaza who are facing a humanitarian catastrophe amid great pressure on hospitals and the numerous martyrs and wounded.

After that, the groups of personnel from the Kingdom to the hospital continued, as the staff was changed every 3 months starting from 2020, while the number of groups reached 76 batches since the establishment of the hospital until now.

A loving relationship beyond the boundaries of the hospital. Regarding his participation in one of the batches for 2019, another officer told Al-Nahar Al-Arabi that he wanted to be a member of the army’s medical teams going to the Gaza Strip, and he always wanted to. , when it was fulfilled for him, he said: “My joy was “beyond description.”

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He left with a crew of 180 to 220 people, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory and radiology technicians, according to the official. clothing, food preparation and security, noting that the hospital has an operating room and sterilization equipment, a fully equipped dental clinic, other clinics for internal specialties, general surgery, orthopedics, gynaecology, obstetrics and dermatology, a clinical psychology researcher, physical Treatment, and occupational therapy, a 24-hour emergency room, an examination and radiology laboratory and a large pharmacy are divided into two sections, the first section for medical consumables such as wheelchairs, crutches, and the second section. Medicines.

The officer talked about how warm the people of Gaza are to the Jordanian field hospital team, saying that they are eager to treat them with kindness and love, to treat them, get close to them, and always express themselves. Their readiness for any service required of them, whatever it may be, “They shared our national events by celebrating with us, and at the same time, the Jordanians were eager to share their events with the people around Gaza. For them.”

No work is less difficult than war work. Senator Dr. Ibrahim al-Batur, a consultant brain, nerve and spinal surgeon who previously worked at the hospital for more than 3 months, said doctors in the Gaza Strip are underemployed. In the midst of great stress and shortages, more difficult than war work, the transfer to hospitals scarcely ceases, in exchange for the great increase in the number of wounded.

Therefore, al-Badur believes in his talk with “An-Nahar al-Arabi” that the need for any efforts to support the work of the health sector in Gaza is becoming more and more evident. Field Hospital, thereby embodying the humanitarian aspect of the depth of the common and firm Jordanian position in supporting the Palestinian cause and always standing for the rights of the Palestinian people in all forms.

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As large as the hospital stock in Gaza is, it continues to dwindle quickly, he said, adding that the priority in such situations is to provide basic medical supplies and vital equipment, especially oxygen, anesthesia, surgical sutures and the largest possible. Number of groups and beds.

Al-Batur called for more media coverage in the context of the Israeli occupation to intensify humanitarian dialogue, prioritize the protection of lives and ensure the provision of all health and medical services. For them, parallel to intensifying the entry of other aids is no less important, most importantly food. Despite the active Jordanian role in helping Gaza, and the violent Israeli bombardment that posed great danger to the field hospital and threatened to continue its work in Gaza, the King of Jordan ordered it to remain in the Gaza Strip and continue its work. Support the health system in treating the injured and sick.

Speaking of Jordan’s official humanitarian role in the Gaza Strip, we cannot ignore the long-standing efforts of the Hashemite charity to provide various forms of assistance to the residents of the area, whether in peacetime or during war. It has intensified its activities in this regard since the beginning of the last war, launching an open money and donation campaign in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and sending a first-aid plane to the Egyptian Al-Ai, participating in Jordan. Arish Airport, in addition to other relief aid shipments.

Finally, Jordan provided 3 million dinars for the operations of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in Gaza (UNRWA), while the Ministry of Health allocated half a million Jordanian dinars worth of medical equipment and medicines. State television has launched a charity day-long “telethon” for the benefit of Gaza, which raised more than 11 million dinars.

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This comes amid a massive public stance of solidarity with Gaza and support for its people, as the Kingdom sees daily demonstrations and events, and launches several financial and in-kind donation campaigns and other forms of support. Amid Jordanian political and diplomatic efforts, the kingdom took the decision on Wednesday to recall its ambassador in Tel Aviv to protest the Israeli army’s continued firing. The region and the world are working to end the war and limit the further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

850 doctors volunteer to go to Gaza Jordanian Doctors Syndicate President Ziyad Al-Jobi confirmed that 850 doctors, including 250 surgeons, have registered their names as volunteers to go to Gaza, while the Syndicate Council decided to establish it. A field hospital in the Gaza Strip, in collaboration with other health societies and fully funded by the Council.

Al-Zoubi added, “Currently contacts are being made with the Egyptian Red Cross and the Egyptian Medical Association, and they are establishing a field hospital in Rafah, where wounded people from Gaza are being treated. Contacts are also being made with other international organizations for security. A location for the hospital inside the Gaza Strip or on the Egyptian border,” but he He insisted that no response had been received yet.

He said the Captains’ Council would present a proposal to the Jordanian Armed Forces to provide volunteers for doctors and other health workers to a proposed field hospital next to an existing Jordanian field hospital operating in the sector. union.”

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Head of State: We are interested in international cooperation to achieve the success of the goals of “COP28”.



Head of State: We are interested in international cooperation to achieve the success of the goals of “COP28”.

The Head of State Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan attended some of the “Group of 77 and China” meetings held during the proceedings of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations. Framework Conference on Climate Change (COP28), which is taking place at Expo City Dubai.

While attending the meeting, he welcomed the participating leaders and emphasized the importance of cooperation among developing countries to promote their common interests and to ensure their presence in international affairs, embodied in the meetings of the group.

His Highness emphasized the UAE’s interest in strengthening international cooperation to achieve the success of the goals of the 28th session of the Conference of the Parties in accelerating the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon, high-growth economic model through effective detection. Action-based solutions to the climate crisis facing the world.

For their part, participants appreciated the UAE’s hosting of the first-ever group meetings at COP conferences, noting that the meetings provided an opportunity to discuss areas of common interest, identify common challenges and propose measures to address them. Confront team members while emphasizing the importance of teamwork and cooperation.

During the World Climate Action Summit, the leaders also appreciated the announcement of the President of the State, emphasizing the importance of this initiative in supporting the path of sustainable development and promoting sustainable development globally. Based on international cooperation.

They also emphasized the importance of the “COP28” agenda, which aims to catalyze collective action to protect ecosystems and food systems that are resilient to climate change, empowering the most affected communities by investing in practical solutions to improve lives and livelihoods. .

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Muhammad bin Saeed:

• Finding effective solutions to the global climate crisis.

• Accelerating the transition towards a sustainable economic model.

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Amiri Diwan confirms stability of Kuwait Emir’s health… And prosecution threatens to prosecute those who spread rumors about “the arrangement of the ruling house”.



Amiri Diwan confirms stability of Kuwait Emir’s health… And prosecution threatens to prosecute those who spread rumors about “the arrangement of the ruling house”.

United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s health condition was confirmed on Saturday by the Minister of Emirati Diwan Affairs, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah. It is stable, thanks to God Almighty,” Kuwait News Agency reported. “Kona.”

The minister added: “We pray to the Almighty God for a speedy recovery to the Emir of the country and to grant him good health and complete well-being.”

The Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs said on Wednesday that the health of the Emir of Kuwait is stable and he is still receiving the necessary treatment.

Earlier, the Amiri Diwan minister said the Kuwaiti emir “entered the hospital to receive treatment and undergo a medical examination following a health condition”.

For its part, the Kuwaiti Public Prosecution warned in a statement on Saturday against “taking decisive action and filing criminal charges against every individual, group, platform, media, radio station or any organization that publishes or addresses anything related to the health of the Emir or the arrangement of the ruling house.”

The Kuwait Public Prosecution added: “We have been monitoring many false reports and shocking lies in the media, and by individuals on visual, audio and print media platforms, about the health of the Emir of the country or the arrangements of the ruling house. According to Kuna.

Rumor mongers have used the word as a weapon to spread poison in the society using flimsy pretexts of freedom of expression, good intentions and fear, forgetting the harmful effects of rumours. According to the Kuwaiti Agency, there is more than a raging plague.

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