May 19, 2022

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Chris Rock makes huge financial gains after slapping Will Smith

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Will Smith slapped Oscar winner Chris Rock, giving him huge financial gains and unexpected luck.

The British newspaper pointed out that the comedian received an attractive offer from the famous American broadcaster Oprah Winfrey, without revealing its value, especially winning the exclusive encounter with “Rock” with the competition of many program makers. Will Smith, in the wake of Jaita Smith making fun of him after suffering from alopecia areata, prompted him to shave his entire hair.

According to the newspaper, “Rock” could fetch up to two million pounds ($ 2.62 million) to appear on the screens of an American channel.

In a related context, Hollywood star Will Smith resigned from the Hollywood Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences after slapping a party host.

Smith pointed out in an official statement that his resignation came as a betrayal of the academy’s trust and the loss of Oscar nominees and winners celebrating their exceptional work.


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