May 25, 2022

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“City” is very expensive .. 3 billion euros, the market value of the Champions League

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The market value of the Champions League semi-finalists “Manchester City, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Villarreal” has reached 2,998.3 billion euros, or almost 3 billion euros, according to the “Transfer Market” website, which specializes in numbers and statistics. For teams and players, Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah and Real Madrid’s Vinicius Jr. list the most expensive players according to their market value of 100 100 million per player.

Manchester City topped the list of the four most expensive teams with a market value of 959.3 million euros, while teammates Kevin de Bruyne and Bill Foden topped the list of the most expensive clubs with 90 million euros. Per player.

Next up is Liverpool, with .5 900.5 million, with its player Mohamed Salah at 100 100 million, topping the list of the team’s most valuable players, and fellow player Sadio Mane with 80 80 million. Euros.

Real Madrid came in third with 756.5 million euros in terms of market value, followed by Vinicius Jr. with 100 million euros, and team goalkeeper Depo Guarda and Federico Valverde came in second with 65 million euros per player. He finished fourth with 382.5 million euros, and his players Podoris and Arnaud Tangoman topped the list of the most expensive players on the team, with each player worth 50 million euros.