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The most famous artist in the art community who rocked the world by mistakenly marrying her son! You will not believe her son’s reaction and what psychology told her story that shocked everyone !!


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In the last century, the world was on a date with a new running story starring a famous woman and artist, who accidentally married her son, and the whole story is not here before we hear what psychology has to say about this case.

Here, with a quick psychological reading of the story we describe below, psychologists read the details of the “atopic complex” and assume that when a person falls into such a mistake, he experiences an unbalanced state. Elements of his psychological life.Most of the time it seemed to get rid of this pain because something like this happened, so let’s read the story and look at the son’s reaction and compare the above.

Artist Amira Ameer is one of the artists of beautiful time, who lived in one of the strange stories, the end of which was tragic, very painful, after a busy life full of events, Amira married her son !!! What is the origin of the story?

The late artist Amira Amir’s real name was Sadia Abdel Rahman Abu al-Ela, who was born on January 17, 1920, to a father who worked as a butcher in the province of Sharjah. To find out if he had exceeded the legal selling price, they examined him and a fight broke out between them.

An argument between Sadeen’s father and the health inspector culminates in the killing of the inspector by a butcher’s butler. , And he died in prison.

Sadia was 16 at the time and had to work as a seamstress to live with her family. .

After Amira Amir “Sadia Abdel Rahman” fled to Cairo, her husband fell into severe depression, which led to his suicide, thus taking his sister’s baby Khalid to raise him after his mother escaped.

Sadia Abdel Rahman escapes from Sharjah and looks for a job in Cairo, where she immediately went to apply for a job until advertisements appeared in the newspapers asking for new faces to star in the film “My Girl”. Naked beauty, the director immediately agreed to star in the film.

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Inspired by the artist Aziza Ameer, she agreed to play the role and named her Amira Ameer after her artistic journey, after which she became popular and became the talk of the newspaper, with lights flashing around her.

Artist Amira Ameer went to the world of fame and met director Kamal Selim, a love story between them, he married her, Kamal Selim died many years later and continued his artistic pursuits until he got married. Assistant to her late husband Mohammed Abdel Gawad, but soon divorced and she married a Jordanian Palestinian singer Gram Shima.

Amira Amir gave birth to her husband, Palestinian-Jordanian singer “Karam Shaima”, and her daughter “Isama”, but shortly after the marriage they separated and separated from him, and he left his daughter to him and remarried. An Armenian man living in Egypt disagreed and divorced because he worked in the United States and refused to travel with him.

Amira Amir later married Ibrahim Faisal Sabri, an Egyptian army officer, and had two sons, Amir and Baha, and separated from him after 6 years, after which she decided to emigrate to the United States and begin a new phase in her life.

The late artist Amira Amir emigrated to the United States and worked as a dancer on Broadway theaters, where she met a Jewish young man who met her, a love story took place between them, and he asked her to marry him, and in spite of the great attack she was victimized by the Egyptian embassy and the Egyptian people. , She hit the wall, she married him and got US citizenship.

And the late Amira Amir noticed that her Jewish husband was sometimes fluent in Arabic, and when asked about the matter, she told her story that he was a young man of Egyptian descent, who had met a Jewish woman, and had fallen in love with her and immigrated to her. She went to Israel and converted her religion to Judaism, so he married his girlfriend, obtained Israeli citizenship in exchange for leaving the Egyptians, and then came to the United States.

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The story of a young man named Amira Amir, who was curious to know more about his Egyptian descent, and she began to ask him about the details of his previous life and where he lived in Egypt. Sharqia Governorate, to find out that he was raised in the same place where she was married.

Amira Ameer asked her husband about his family and his father, tell him his father’s name, he married his mother, he was prettier and younger than himself, but he died, her name was Saadia, so she was very dizzy. Asked him: Is your real name Khalid?

Khalid was surprised to know his real name and replied that it was his real name, so Sadia Abdel Rahman, also known as Amira Amir, was shocked and rushed to the hospital and when he woke up she got up from her coma and told him that she was his mother.

Khalid immediately called his aunt to tell her the truth that his mother was not dead and that he was a famous artist named Ameera Ameer. .

The story has a mythical origin.In ancient times there was a boy named Oedipus, which in Greek means (owner of swollen legs).

Summary of the story of Oedipus: King Thebes had a fortune teller who told him he would be killed by his son, at which time his wife was pregnant and she gave birth to baby Oedipus. The king ordered the nails to be nailed to the child’s feet, and it was thrown over the mountain, which is why it was named Oedipus, and after the child’s nails were nailed to the mountain as the king requested. , The shepherds found the child in this awful condition and took him to the king of Corinth, where the king raised the child to be a prince.

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After Oedipus was young, he wanted to know his country and birth, but the fortune teller advised him not to do so, saying that danger awaited him and that you would kill your father and marry him. Mom .. But Oedipus did not listen to all this and decided to go to Thebes, met someone along the way and quarreled with them, the fight between them intensified, Oedipus killed a man who did not know his father. And the wings of a bird and he was torturing the people of Thebes, and the gods are said to have sent the Sphinx to ask the people for mysteries, and whoever did not solve these mysteries, the people declared that the beast would kill him. The one who solves the mysteries and frees him from this evil creature will take the king’s throne, and he marries the widow of the best beauty queen, King (Lius). To solve, when he was young he would always crawl on all fours. He grows up, walks in two, uses a stick when he’s old, walks in three, there are those who say the Sphinx committed suicide when he heard the answer, and there are those who say that Oedipus killed him, and then Oedipus became king and married a queen who did not know his mother and gave birth to a child named Maha.

But in the end, the clarifier went to him and told Oedipus the truth. Mother and lived in misery until she died.

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