June 7, 2023

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Climate change as a river without water in Europe

Climate change as a river without water in Europe

The Loire River originates in the mountains of the Ardèche region in the southeast France It widens its path until it flows Atlantic Ocean.

The “Tilokkal” website, which narrates French news in English, says that the drought in France is severe and that water is not coming from the river.

The site added that France continues to set records in terms of drought, which has led to a reduction in the amount of water flowing in its “major rivers” such as the Loire and Dordogne, and in some areas the water has completely disappeared. As regional lakes and reservoirs.

He pointed out that France, which used to be a model of water resources, has become more and more citizens and is subject to some restrictions on water use.

In some areas, piped water has been rationed and the supply has been cut off completely.

The phenomenon of climate change has exacerbated drought in Europe, and this year’s extraordinary summer has exacerbated the issue, with extreme heat reducing groundwater supplies and severely damaging rivers.

An image circulated by pioneers of communication platforms for the Loire River downplayed the huge impact of climate change because it showed a bridge over the river, but no water flowing under the bridge, but rather a barren land dotted with water spots. Here and there.

Another video taken from the river bank showed the stream almost completely empty of water.

German reports earlier said that the lowest level of the Rhine River, which runs through several European countries, including Germany, has reached 38 centimeters in some areas, which could disrupt river traffic.

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These reports attribute this phenomenon to record temperatures this summer and a decrease in rainfall associated with climate change.