June 2, 2023

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Co-star Dora..Nicholas Mowat announces the release date of “Walls” in the movie | News

Artist Nicolas Moawad recently finished filming his scenes in the movie “Walls”, which he co-starred with Dora, and it belongs to the genre of horror and suspense films.

In an interview with MBCTrending, Nicholas Movad said the film’s theatrical release date will start next year.

In addition to Nicholas Mowat and Dora, Fras Saeed, Hind Abdel Halim, Ahmed Badir, and the story, verse and verse of the film Yasser Salah were directed by Haidam and Ahmed El Dahan, directed by Mohammad Baraka.

Nicholas Mowatt explained that he had finished filming his scenes in an international film shot in Hollywood, which belongs to the genre of historical films and is currently in post-production.

More recently, Nicholas Mowat appeared on the “A Sweet and Murder” series on the Shahid VIP platform, which was later relocated to his country via the MBC4 channel.

“Aa al-Hilve wa al-Murra” series starring Nicholas Mowat, Dana Mardini and Pamela Cake.

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