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French astronaut captures shocking scenes of "blazing" aurora borealis from space

French astronaut captures shocking scenes of “blazing” aurora borealis from space

Aden – Yasmin Abdullah Al-Duhami – Tuesday 9 November 2021

The Sun has seen many events recently, and it has sent out amazing emissions of solar objects that have reached Earth, which launched the spectacular display of the Aurora Borealis on our planet.

Not only did the people of Earth see the twinkling waves of colorful lights, but the crew of the International Space Station had the wonderful opportunity to observe the Aurora Borealis from space.

A recent photo shared by French astronaut Thomas Basquet on his Twitter account on Sunday, November 7, shows a dazzling view of Aurora dominated by a radiant green ring with particles of light emanating from the curve of our planet.

Documenting the moment of birth of the spectacular Aurora Borealis, European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesket takes a photo and uses it extensively in the final days of his orbit.

Pesket wrote on Twitter: “We have handled some of the most powerful aurora events in our entire voyage across North America and Canada. Incredible altitudes above our orbit, flying above the center of the ring, waves and rapid pulses and pulses everywhere.”

Science explains how the aurora is formed when charged particles from the sun interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. “When we look at the glowing aurora, we see a billion individual collisions, which illuminate the Earth’s magnetic field lines,” says NASA.

But the photograph of Pesket’s International Space Station is less about science than it is about celebrating the individual significance of a dream-like event. It is reminiscent of our planet’s relationship with our star, which is the source of life and light.

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