June 3, 2023

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Completion of road works to improve traffic in Mohammed bin Saeed city

Completion of road works to improve traffic in Mohammed bin Saeed city

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, in conjunction with the Department of Municipalities and Transport, has completed separate road works in the residential city of Mohammed bin Saeed, at a cost of 9,799,751 dirhams, through the Department of Infrastructure and Municipal Property.
Aims to provide entrances, car parks and service roads to residents in separate locations across the landscape, improve traffic mobility, delight community members, improve the quality of life of residents and visitors, and sand exploitation. Installation of cosmetic tiles to enhance the general appearance in line with urban growth and development in Abu Dhabi.
These works include the construction and implementation of pavements for 15 apartments on the ground floor, 41 parking spaces for residential areas, and the installation of 6,825 square meters of asphalt mats, and the installation of 15 light poles in separate areas in commercial areas. , And installation of 85 signal boards, in addition to the implementation of 140 linear meter works. Storm water drainage network, and implementation of 830 square meters of road planning with phosphorus paint, including for car parking areas, entrances and exit leading residential areas and pedestrian crossings.
The Abu Dhabi City Municipality’s implementation of infrastructure projects that meet the aspirations and needs of residents and visitors in all parts of Abu Dhabi will significantly increase the satisfaction and happiness of life and community members.

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