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"لحقوني في المستشفى".. عادل الفار يكشف تطورات حالته الصحية (فيديو)

“They took me to the hospital.” Adel Al-Far reveals the development of his health (

01:30 AM

23 August 2021 Monday

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The artist, Adel Al-Far, recently revealed the development of his condition after a recent health crisis.

In an interview with Al-Far “Hazrat Al-Muwadin”, Syed Ali said he had been in a coma for 48 hours and had been in hospital for 12 days until he fully recovered from the health crisis. Emerged.

He continued, “I went to the hospital to follow me, and as soon as I entered, I did several analyzes and X-rays, in which they noticed me while I was staying. Dr. Ashraf Zaki is a very respectful and extraordinary person. Contact, resolve all matters and provide me with all facilities, and advised artist Helmi Abdel Baki, Same Yusri and Khalid Ajaz. ”Alia asked.

He said he saw no interest from some colleagues in the art community, especially from his generation, and pushed him, including Mustafa Qamar and Muhammad Fouad, and the matter confused him and did not understand what was going on.

He added that after a few days he would resume his artistic activities and immersed himself in the feelings of love and attention by thanking the followers and fans who were eager to check on his health.

The artist, Adel Al-Far, began his artistic career. Series such as “Sima Promoter”, and “Al-Fatwa”, and “Al-Kif”, “Al-Qumi”, “The Diary of Egypt” and “Sahib Al-Saada”.

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