March 29, 2023

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Completion of the Explorer “Rashid” product by the end of the first quarter of 2022

Dr. Hamad Al-Marzouki, Director of the Emirates Moon Exploration Project, told Al-Bayani that the production of the final model of the Emirates Explorer “Rashid” will begin later this year and is scheduled to be completed. Absolutely the end of the first quarter of 2022, leading to the start of the end of the same year.

In the past, 3 different test models simulating the Explorer Rashid were completed, where several tests were completed to confirm the readiness of the final design of Explorer, in which all devices will be placed, Emirates stressed. The Moon Exploration Project team has completed thermal vacuum testing. In the Explorer Rashid Qualification Engineering Model.


Dr. Al-Marzouki said that all Explorer subsystems have been tested at different and varied temperatures, such as those on the moon, from negative 120 degrees to positive 100 degrees, pointing out that this temperature difference is difficult for any spacecraft heating devices. That’s why they work in Rashid Explorer to provide tight and precise heating devices to deal with this exceptional situation effectively, with repeated trials, and at the same time it is placed in various simulation room. The contexts in which it is located to ensure its effectiveness.

He explained that environmental tests have been completed in Explorer and that dynamic tests will begin to help determine the performance of the vehicle’s calves and tires, as well as all scientific tests of technical devices and their performance. The rules for obtaining and transmitting information up to mechanical tests have been completed with a view to studying the performance of the vehicle.Construction and precise design.

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Dr. Hamad al-Marzouki stressed that the moon is an excellent platform to test technologies and equipment to be used in future space exploration missions, including Mars. Space environment for a long time.