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Time and symptoms .. Dimensions of CC decision to cancel emergency


In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Egyptian experts and parliamentarians said: Decision of the President of Egypt What they described as “historic” indicates that after the great achievements of the security services in overcoming the security situation in the country, there is no need to impose a state of emergency anymore. Terrible.

At the same time, they pointed out that the decision had a “regional and international message ahead”.

Said the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah CCOn Monday, he decided not to prolong the state of emergency that had been in place in the country for many years.

CC wrote in a post FacebookThanks to its excellent people and loyal men, Egypt has become an oasis of security and stability in the region.

He added, “I am pleased to share together that moment that we have long sought through struggle and hard work. Thanks to its excellent men and loyal men, Egypt has become an oasis of security and stability in the region.”

He continued: “From here, for the first time in many years, I have decided to cancel the extension of the state of emergency across the country.”

He explained: “This decision, which has been the real producer of the Egyptian people over the years, is with honest and sincere participation in all development and construction efforts.”

The state of emergency there lasted Egypt Updated every 3 months, starting April 2017.

Great result

Armed Forces Military Spokesman Colonel Arkan Herb Karib Abdel Hafiz congratulated President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on reaping the benefits of the extension of the state of emergency in the country.

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He continued, “A great result for the best achievements worthy of the high price paid by the lives of our righteous martyrs.”

Historical results

Member of the House of Representatives Security and National Security Committee described Egyptian representatives In an exclusive interview with Sky News Arabia, Maj. Gen. Yahya Katwani, President of the Republic, said in a statement that the decision was taken “after many years of Egypt living under continuous emergency.”

Katwani explained.Emergency Law It is intended to assist the security services with exceptional measures to deal with specific threats to security and peace, but as per the current decision, there is no exception to the rule that the existence of the law is required by the estimates of the political leadership.

“Egypt’s current security and stability is witnessed by all, and the assessments of security officials ensure that the government continues to impose security and stability without the need for exceptional measures,” he stressed.

We have no urgent need

A member of the Security and National Security Council noted that “without the need to impose emergency legislation, state officials are now able to achieve security and stability under natural law”: “Republicans have found that the state and the president do not need to impose a state of emergency on the security situation.”

Commenting on the consequences of this decision, Katwani said: “This decision restores things to their rightful place and contributes to creating a better environment for foreign investment.”

He emphasized that the decision to suspend the state of emergency was “a very appropriate one” because Egypt is “secure and will continue to grow under the new republic”.

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Security and Stability News

For his part, the Egyptian strategic thinker, Major General Sameer Farrak, told Sky News Arabia that President CC’s decision was “a message to the world that Egypt is a safe and stable country.”

He emphasized that the decision was a reflection of the President’s courageous decision, adding that Egypt had been added to the list of “sustainable security countries” without the need for emergency legislation, following the major victories of the security services. “In the end, terrorism is the answer,” he said. It will be written in light letters in history.

Regional and international news

In turn, Tariq Ratwan, chairman of the Human Rights Council of the Egyptian House of Representatives, said some may read the president’s decision to lift the state of emergency in all parts of the country as a normal case or decision. It is a great achievement for the reader or recipient to reach this conclusion that the security situation in Egypt is good.

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Ratwan said, “This decision is a regional and international message before it becomes a news story domestically.”

Establishing a new republic

Ala Abed, the first deputy speaker of the Arab parliament and chairman of the Egyptian House of Representatives Transport Committee, confirmed that President CC is setting the rules for the new republic that the Egyptian citizen has dreamed of for decades.

In a statement received by “Sky News Arabia”, Ala Abed, the current achievements on the ground and everywhere confirm that we are ahead of the historical and exceptional leader for this nation, and he is moving us very quickly towards the future. Building the nation.

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Egypt’s parliament last July approved President CC’s decision to extend the state of emergency.

At that time, the decision announced by the President of Egypt No. 174 of 2021 was approved to extend the state of emergency for another 3 months, starting at 1 am on Saturday, July 24th.

The text of the President’s decision, in its first article, reads, “Emergency after consultation with the Committee of Ministers, taking into account the dangerous security and health conditions the country is going through.” Saturday, July 24, extended from one hour to three months across the country. “

The decision states in its second article that the armed forces and the police “must take the necessary steps to combat terrorism and its financing, to protect public and private property, to protect the lives of civilians and to hand over the prime minister to the powers of the president.” Mentioned in the Republican Emergency Act.

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