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Corona infection after vaccination .. Important clarifications from Global Health


This is possible, said Dr. Catherine O’Brien, head of the World Health Organization’s immunization department. Anyone who receives one or two doses of the vaccine can become infected There is no vaccine in the world that provides 100% protection against the disease, which is caused by the Govit-19 virus against the corona virus.

The 49th episode of “Science in Five” presented by Vismita Gupta Smith featured Catherine’s comments, which were aired on the World Health Organization’s official website and through accounts on various social media sites.

Dr. Catherine added The currently available vaccines against coccidiosis are actually effective vaccines Incredibly.

The results of clinical trials have, as is well known, revealed a measure of efficacy with rates ranging from 80 to 90%, which means that it does not provide 100% protection against disease.

No vaccine provides this level of protection against any disease. It is therefore expected that there will be rare cases of people who have been fully vaccinated in any vaccination program and of course some who have been partially vaccinated, i.e. those who have received the first dose of the two-dose vaccine. .

It provides safety and security .. and reduces the severity of the injury

This does not mean that vaccines do not work or that there is anything wrong with vaccines, but that not everyone who gets vaccinated is 100% protected, and what the World Health Organization really wants to emphasize to people is that vaccination is very important because it gives a good chance of being effective and not getting sick.

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Dr. Catherine O’Brien said this indicates that the severity of the infection is lower among vaccinated people compared to those who have not been vaccinated.

So, of course, vaccines are primarily aimed at preventing Govt-19 disease, and complications are less likely to occur if those who are fully vaccinated in the worst case scenario become infected.


Rare cases and abuses

Katherine explained that WHO experts are closely monitoring the situation, describing infectious diseases among those who have already been vaccinated, which she describes as unusual, while not saying that they are unpredictable, but do not occur equally to all groups that receive the doses they do. Those at high risk of contracting the vaccine, Govt-19, are those with weakened immune systems and the elderly.

Therefore, there is no equivalent risk factor for Govit-19 infection after vaccination.

The second point is that more infections develop among those who have been vaccinated, to some extent reducing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 infection by stopping people from following the recommended precautionary measures. Therefore, as the virus begins to spread more frequently and at a higher rate, everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, is more likely to become infected.

Possibility and survival of the vaccine

UN expert Vismita Gupta-Smith answered some questions about the possibility and possibility of infection with Govit-19 after a full vaccination (i.e. after receiving two vaccines). What is the reason for getting the vaccine because it spreads the infection to others, which is a question that a lot of people are already asking, he wants to emphasize that vaccines do a lot of things to protect vaccinators and those around them. they.

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He emphasized that the main function of vaccines was to protect the recipient from infection and that in the event of an infection, it would be a rare occurrence among vaccinated people. If a person has not been vaccinated, the disease status will be lower for a shorter period of time.

The third point is that what vaccines do is reduce the spread of the virus from one person to another because the density of the virus in the back of the nose and throat is lower, so the risk of it spreading to another person is lower.

Dr. Catherine stressed the importance of stopping the corona virus and its variants by adhering to all precautionary measures such as hand hygiene, physical distance, being in well-ventilated areas and wearing safety masks, and getting available vaccines. When people are vaccinated.

He also stressed that the current time is not the right time to reduce the use of precautionary measures, especially in communities where we do not have access to high doses of vaccines.

Statistics for Reuters show that more than 205.84 million people worldwide are infected with the growing corona virus, while the total number of deaths caused by the virus has reached four million and 515133.

The virus has been recorded in more than 210 countries and regions since the first cases were discovered in China in December 2019.

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