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The most beautiful Classico match of relatives between Jamalek and Ismail before Saddam tonight

The most beautiful Classico match of relatives between Jamalek and Ismail before Saddam tonight

Egyptian football fans are on a date with the “Awlad Al-Aws” classic between Jamalek and Ismaili teams today, Saturday, at the Ismailia Stadium, as part of the thirtieth round of the Premier League tournament, and a football summit always sees excitement between the two teams.

As the countdown to tonight’s match approaches, we remember the many encounters and memories that brought those two meetings together, which had a huge impact on the hearts of fans who have always enjoyed those encounters.

Syed Abdel defeats Jamalek Ismail to clinch Naim League title

Beautiful memories were carried by the circumstances of that match, where Jamalek won a clean goal against Ismail at Camro Stadium, while a match between Al-Ahly and NB took place, with the Red Fort losing a clean sweep to the White Fort by league championship this season under dramatic circumstances, the player Goal scored by Syed Abdel Naim.

4-3 Marathon

When Jamalek and Ismail faced each other in the 2001-2002 season, no one forgot one of the most beautiful matches in the Egyptian league, with Dervish winning by four goals to three.

Through Israeli Mohamed Barakat and Mohammad Abdullah, Barakat again added Dervish’s third goal and his second encounter.

Ahmed Felix scored for Jamalek before Abdul Hameed Bassiuni added the fourth Ismail goal, so Jamalek scored the second goal with a penalty kick through Hasem Imam, and the third goal with a penalty kick for White Fort. Crowned Egyptian League title.

The highest-scoring crowd in Avlad El Mama El Classico

The Darwish clash with the sons of Mid Okba in May 1957 was the highest-scoring match for the yellow team in the history of the meetings, as Ismaili defeated Jamalek 5-3 in Cairo, the biggest win in the history of the Darwish – Abyss.

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The biggest win for Jamalek

The end of 5/2 was Jamalek’s biggest victory over Dervish, which was in Cairo in May 1996, where he scored for Jamalek (Hussein Abdel Latif – Essam Murray – Ahmed El Ghaz – Efat Nasser – Khalid Al – Khandur), Ismail Mohamed Salah and Bashir scored for Abdel Samad.

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