August 16, 2022

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Corona returns to BA.5 lineage.. Fauci comments

Corona returns to BA.5 lineage.. Fauci comments

Health experts confirm that the PA.5 sub-mutant, caused by the Omicron mutant of the new coronavirus, is spreading widely among people who have been immunized with various anti-coronavirus vaccines or who have recently recovered within days or weeks. Covid-19 disease, reported on the website.Atlantic“.

The newspaper quoted “The IndependentAnthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to US President Joe Biden, said during a briefing at the White House on Tuesday that the new sub-mutant can spread quickly and has caused 60 percent of infections in the United States. In the states.

“Each successive mutation has the advantage of spreading faster than the previous one,” Fauci added, adding, “If you’re someone infected with the virus during the first or second waves, you’re not going to have good protection. The current wave.”

Fauci’s comments are consistent with warnings from health professionals around the world about new strains caused by omicron mutants, which are like a “hidden strain” capable of re-infecting people with the coronavirus within weeks of their last infection. .

Western Australia’s chief health officer, Andrew Robertson, said in a press release: “We are seeing an increase in the number of re-infected cases after PA.2 and four weeks later.

‘Continuously spreading’

Pointing out that new strains will continue to pose a threat to society as long as the virus continues to spread unchecked, Fassi added: “But we must not allow it to disrupt our lives, and at the same time we are not in denial. The truth is we have to deal with it.”

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Fascia, who heads the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said one reason new strains of Omicron are spreading is “their ability to evade antibodies and the inability of current vaccines to counter them.”

“People with previous infections, even with BA.1 or BA.2, are still at risk for BA.4 or BA. .5,” explained Rochelle Walinsky of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during a briefing at the White House.

In the same context, through research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, researcher and physician Dan Baruch found a three-fold decrease in neutralizing antibodies from vaccines and infection against BA.4 and BA.5. B.A. 1 and BA.2.

“Vaccine immunity will continue to provide significant protection against severe symptoms caused by the PA.4 and PA.5 strains,” Baruch told CNN.

Cases continued to top 100,000 a day across the United States, but most health experts agree the number doesn’t accurately reflect the number of infections, with many relying on at-home testing while hospitalizations spiked. The New York Times is up 18 percent in the U.S. over the past two weeks.

“Risk Reduction”

For her part, the World Health Organization’s epidemiologist of infectious diseases, Maria Van Gerkov, said that the goal is not to prevent all cases of infection, but to work to reduce its spread: “It is not over, we are playing with fire by allowing this virus to spread.” extreme conditions.”

In a related context, Megan Gale, an epidemiologist at the Health Security Agency in England, confirms that new strains are spreading widely among people who have not been exposed to the virus before, with half of those infected in the UK in the current wave contracting the disease for the first time.

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He noted that those infected with the new substrain represent only 15 percent of the country’s population: “Although repeated infections pose a serious problem, people still enjoy some protection against infection with some of the new substrains.”

According to Cal, the impact of the BA.5 mutation can make a significant difference worldwide, indicating that both South Africa and the United Kingdom have seen only modest increases in hospitalizations and deaths despite increases in BA.5 cases. “Protection from vaccines against severe disease and death is still strong.”

But Portugal was the lucky one, as deaths have risen to near zero in the first spread of the Omicron mutant, and Cal’s words made it clear that such differences between communities and countries are to be expected due to many factors. The extent of previous infection, the rate of infection and the types of vaccinations they received and the nature of the strains they transmitted.