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Mirna Ghayat: I focus on directing commercials and documentaries


She hates “paralysis” and holds herself responsible for the decline in status

Beirut: Hiam al-Sayed

Mirna Ghayat, a Lebanese director, conducts acting workshops for those who want to learn acting skills and focuses on directing artistic works such as commercials and documentaries. He indicated that he was and that the reasons why the production companies dropped him were not known. Directing her works, or not participating as an actress in their works, suggests that this may be a result of the “silence” that exists in artistic circles in Lebanon.

  • Why are you staying away from directing serials especially on stage?

– I do not know, I am, this question should be sent to the production companies. My husband and I first presented a movie in 2000, when productions were limited and films were few and far between. We also presented Al-Fawazeer, in which I participated as an actress in 1999 and 2000. Perhaps because I joined acting and directing at the same time, production houses were afraid to deal with me as an actress, thinking that I might intrude on directing or take away from the director's path. All I can say is that I am ready for any performance. I would like to note one particular thing that some people's claim of apologizing for not getting offers is wrong. I'm so open, I can't say. Jobs are pouring in on me, but I reject them, I am ready to operate inside and outside of Lebanon.

  • What do you think about the state of the platform business?

– I have not followed everything, but the situation has improved significantly, and there is a clear generosity to good products, and I hope this will continue.

  • Does “parallel” mean that production companies carry the same names from one job to another?
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This is true. Nepotism controls manufacturing companies and each company has its own people and specific people. Therefore, we observe that some actors act only in their works. I wouldn't say this thing is wrong. On the contrary it is. Even in Hollywood, it sometimes turns into wars. .

close effect

  • Will this reflect negatively on the theater industry in the long run?

– On the contrary, it has a negative impact in the short term, because some actors get opportunities from the path of good actors who are at home without work, even though their presence is necessary in the scene, but the unqualified take their place. .

  • Don't you seem like the outgoing type?

– This is very difficult for me. I always connect with some people I am friends with in the community, but I can't connect for a specific interest, and since I entered the field, interests have no place in my work and in my relationships with people or artists. Whoever did this can't be said to be wrong in his behavior. Because some producers forget some actors and actresses and not because they don't know or don't like them.. Rather it falls on them. Some, and I don't like these kinds of people.

  • Are you satisfied with your current status of directing documentaries, commercials and acting lessons?

– Having appeared in all fields related to movement, I am not far behind.. The market has changed more than before and it cannot be said that the work is as abundant as it was in the past years.

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