March 21, 2023

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De Zhang takes Barcelona to victory against Alves

De Zhang takes Barcelona to victory against Alves

Barcelona beat hosts Deportivo Alaves 1-0 in the 22nd round of the Spanish Football League on Sunday.

Barcelona owe this victory to Frankie de Jong, who scored the only goal in the 87th minute.

Barcelona lifted their score to 35 in fifth place, their ninth win in the league this season, after losing four games and drawing at eight.

Alaves’ draw ended in nineteenth place with 17 points, its 13th defeat of the season, winning four games and drawing five.

The start of the match came to a normal level, and Barcelona quickly took control of the course of the crowd and continued their quest for progress, on the contrary, Alaves retreated to its midfield and relied on counter-attacks.

However, in the first quarter of this half there was no danger for two goals, except for a few shots from outside the penalty areas, but all of these shots were far from the goal as the game was limited to midfield.

Over the next quarter, Alaves dropped a little defensive alert and tried to exchange Barcelona attacks, but they too could not put each other at risk for the goal as the game was only in midfield.

The situation continued into the last quarter of this half-hour, and both teams continued to try to infiltrate the defense, but except for one chance for Alaves, there was no danger to the other’s goal. In the last minute of the first half when Luis Rioja sent the ball to Perry Bones on the edge of the area the penalty was taken to enter the penalty area and then hit the ball, but it easily reached goalkeeper Marc-Andre der Stegen, the Barcelona goalkeeper. .

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Immediately after that, at the end of the first half the referee blew the whistle and there was no goal between the two teams.

At the start of the second half, Barcelona intensified their offensive efforts in search of a goal, forcing Alves to retreat to its midfield and rely on counter-attacks.

In the 64th minute Barcelona almost scored, a free kick into the Alaves penalty area from the right, it was faced by Luke de Jong, who was blocked by goalkeeper Pacheco, who returned the try to Gerrard Pick. Play it the moment he fell on his head, but could not deflect defensively.

After that attack, Alaves dropped his defensive alert and exchanged attacks for Barcelona, ​​but they failed to pose any danger to the other’s goal to limit the game in midfield.

The game was limited to the center of the pitch until the 77th minute, when Alves almost witnessed the goal being scored, with Jason Remicero crossing a cross from the right, Jose Luis Samard’s Mano rising and meeting it with a header, but it passed next. To the left post of goalkeeper Der Stegen.

In the 87th minute, when Jordi Alba played inside the Barcelona penalty area, Ferran scored for Torres, who sent it directly to Frankie de Jong, who easily put it into goal.

By the time the referee blew the whistle at the end of the match, Barcelona had scored the winning goal and the remaining time of the second half had passed without anything new.