March 20, 2023

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طلاب أولى ثانوى يبدأون امتحان الكيمياء ورقيا فى المدارس وسط إجراءات وقائية

First and second graders begin paper-based chemistry testing in schools amid preventative measures

Shortly before, for the first year students of the public high school, the chemistry exam, from nine in the morning to ten to thirty, in the middle of precautionary and preventive measures, the geography exam, takes place from eleven, to 12:30 in the afternoon. , Each student is assigned a seat to take the exam and reaches the physical space to protect them from the corona virus.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education continued to visit schools with questions, as well as the use of preventive measures within selection committees.

The first semester exams for the first year students of the high school were started on paper in the schools and according to the examination schedule for the second class first class the students will take the Chemistry and Geography exam on Monday. On Monday, January 24, they will take the exam for Chemistry and Geography, and students will take the exam for History and Biology on Wednesday, January 26 and for the Physics exam on Saturday, January 29, for the English language exam, Monday, January 31. And Philosophy, and Wednesday, February 2, Second Foreign Language and Mathematics Exam.

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education had decided to cancel the electronic examinations for the first and second classes for the first semester and all the examinations were conducted on paper. Students.

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