March 23, 2023

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Look .. Hamaki injured after taking a selfie during his concert in Saudi Arabia!

Did you deliberately provoke Elham al-Fadalah?

Amir Bati, Monday, December 27, 2021 03:50 pm – Kuwaiti artist Haya al-Shuaibi, with her husband, went to the home of journalist Khalil al-Tamimi, as an act of freelance artist Ilham al-Fatala. Many consider him to be intent on provoking his ex-girlfriend.

Khalil al-Tamimi released a video clip documenting the arrival of the “Snapshot” application on his account, and we can hear him say: “Al-Barakah met us, Hala Abu Jamal, blessed time is the light of the house.”

Haya al-Shuaibi appears to be embracing Ilham’s youngest daughter Noor on a sofa and kissing her on the forehead, then you can hear her singing “I miss you, I miss you”. Then she told Noori to show her face to the camera. When she was asked what she wanted to say to her mother, the woman replied “I love you”.

Haya’s anger and ilham were considered by some to be provocative, especially since the latter had problems after her youngest daughter decided to live with her father.

One of the users commented: “Is there a problem between you and her, Jain Shako, after you hated the girl in her mother, this hidden hatred?”

Another added: “What is this !!? Oh, oh, you’re interfering between mother and daughter, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, that’s my black lips, where did it reach, lost her job and her audience, not learning from the lesson. When the envious person is jealous of God, He removes the envious from us and purifies our hearts.

On the other hand, some supported Haya al-Shuaib, and one of them wrote: “It is clear that she has long loved the daughter of inspiration. Defeating her inspiration is not a condition, God is good, but once I made a mistake on inspiration, so they will be forgiven.”

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