March 25, 2023

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Did you know that there are 5 elements in your body .. "Do not force"?

Did you know that there are 5 elements in your body .. “Do not force”?

According to scientists, although the human body is designed to have its role in each organ, there are some parts that are not needed.

In a new study your body has 5 elements with and without imbalance, including:

First, the dental anthropologist and evolutionary biologist Peter S. Unger, three-quarters of us have been told that wisdom teeth are affected, and one reason it exists is that it has helped humans chew in the past and digest hard and unprocessed food, which explains why these teeth do not fit.

Life goes on without it

Second, the appendix: the study confirmed that it was unnecessary, and that it was evidence that it would continue to live normally after removal, and that its role in humans is not yet clear, and according to some hypotheses expressed by Dr. Jay Elod, general surgeon at the Mir Glitz Medical Center, their body’s immune system Play a specific role in the zone.

Also found in Jacobsen’s organ between the nose and mouth, in humans it deteriorates during embryonic development, much like sharks, bats and monkeys. As many studies suggest, there is no neurological connection between the fetus and our central nervous system, so this is often unnecessary.

Fourth, it is the muscles with the lines of the hair, which are small bumps that appear on the skin in cases like fear or runny nose, and they are often completely useless.

Elements of the human body

Finally, the ear muscles. If you know how to move your ears, you may have strong muscles in your ears, but there is no physiological benefit to humans today for this strange ability.

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Dr. Jerty explained that many animals use this version of the muscle to move the ear because anyone can certify to raise a dog or cat, but it is more or less unnecessary.