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Digital art exhibitions.. an interesting experience


Thanks to improvements in the quality and affordability of digital technology, over the years, “high-speed art fairs” based on digital and technological foundations and trends have become ubiquitous and strong in our world. Generally disliked for these shows, the streaming numbers remain impressive.

Visitors loved it, and museums took notice of the enthusiastic crowd and began experimenting with digital performance art. Hall of Lights, a digital art center that opened in New York in September, recently announced that it wants to attract city residents. A brand of profound art.

The New York Times quotes Gregoire Monet, director of the production company Culturespaces, which is working with talent management firm IMG to curate the “Hall of Lights” exhibit: “We’re trying to reach people’s deepest feelings.”

The company now has eight high-speed digital art centers worldwide, including locations in Paris, Seoul and Amsterdam. Two major shows are being held in New York, one of the most famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt’s works, and “Destination Cosmos,” a show about the solar system created in collaboration with NASA.

Between culture and entertainment

It also operates three centers in France, which it says each attracts 650,000 to 1.4 million people a year. In New York, the company hopes to reach 500,000 visitors in its first year, and 800,000 annually, according to Monnier.

Monet emphasizes that the design of the shows aims to create a family-friendly experience, to make the experience more comfortable than viewing original paintings in a museum.

Cultural spaces have hosted exhibitions of works by artists Dalí and Chagall, as well as Tintin’s drawings from comics, among other works, and these shows are usually held in places with a rich history.

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It was a rock quarry in Provence, a foundry in Paris and a submarine base in World War II in Bordeaux. In New York, exciting works are displayed on the walls of the Immigrant Industrial Savings Bank, and a city center with spacious halls and elaborate interiors designed in the majestic style of Beaux-Arts architecture.

The New York Times says that Culturespaces is the only company to see the potential offered by immersive experiences.TeamLab multi-sensory figures are spread around the world, in London, Tokyo and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the president, director and CEO. Pace Gallery met Mark Klimcher, Molly Dent-Brockelhurst, former Pace London head of the Super Blue project dedicated specifically to experimental art.

British painter David Hockney’s digital extravaganza is also on display in London, one of the exhibitions co-produced by a popular live artist.

Currently, New York has plenty of exhibits, from an “Alice in Wonderland” gallery that invites people to “fall down a rabbit hole into a world of secret rose gardens and crazy tea parties,” to Turkish-American sculpture. Artist Rafik Anatole creates large-scale digital artworks based on over 200 years of art at the Museum of Modern Art Using Artificial Intelligence.

While some suspect the market is overhyped, Cultural Spaces is very optimistic about the longevity of its projects and the crowds it attracts, 1.4 million visitors to the Van Gogh Experience in Paris alone, and they plan to open more. Universal intervals. , according to the newspaper.

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