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Digital biology is the foundation of the future pharmaceutical industry, and technology companies are looking for their stake in Scientist


Molecular biology or molecular biology is primarily concerned with the study of DNA and non-nucleic acid (RNA), as well as proteins constructed using encoded genetic algorithms and the relationships and relationships that these acids form. The word was first used by the American scientist Warren Weaver in 1938.

Throughout its history, the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, have placed great emphasis on conducting in-depth research on molecular biology, as this science places greater emphasis on these companies because the science enters into a larger production of the number of drugs and the treatments it seeks to develop or produce in the future. .

But in recent years, the world’s technology giants have begun to enter the industry strongly, with huge profits reaching $ 1 trillion and $ 228 billion and $ 45 million last year, and $ 1250.24 trillion and $ 250 billion by the end of 2021. It is expected to reach $ 24 million. A statement The current global market for drugs for 2021.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft are currently attracting biologists and bioinformatics scientists from some of the best educational institutions in the world, and offer fantastic sums of money to conduct specialized research and research because these companies use their enormous capabilities to collect and analyze data primarily on molecular biology-based medicine. Using computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence to influence the healthcare worldwide, as I mentioned Walkway In a recent report by AnalyticsIndiaMag.

The power of technology companies

Due to the immense funding, unlimited resources and advanced technologies owned by the technology companies, they are fully prepared to dominate the field of molecular biology, the recently launched special program of Alphabet Corporation “Alphafold 2.0” intelligence-based mechanisms. The program was launched in 2016 and has since expanded, opening up new frontiers for the pharmaceutical industry.

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In this context, the British Allen Turing Institute called for experimental projects to study molecular relationships, such as the study of the structure and function of genes, using artificial intelligence in molecular biology, such as the study of the structure and function of genes. Exploring the role, shape, and function of proteins within cells. And the possibility of developing precise imaging tools used to monitor these effects.

On the other hand, with an investment of $ 100 million, the Nvidia Foundation, which specializes in artificial intelligence research, has teamed up with the University of Cambridge in the UK to launch the most powerful supercomputer in the history of the United Kingdom, the “Cambridge-1”. To help scientists and experts, health care has begun to discover new drugs and drugs, as well as digitize DNA into a series of billions of molecules in a serious effort to accelerate the digital biological revolution.

Microsoft, in collaboration with the University of British Oxford and Princeton, has launched a special station called “Station P Platform” developed at the Microsoft Research Center at the University of Cambridge. , And works to improve the programming of biological systems. Currently used and developed to new levels.

According to Amazon, the acquisition of its PillPack in 2018 and the launch of Amazon’s digital pharmacy last year indicate the company’s great interest in the pharmaceutical industry, as noted while monitoring the performance of technology companies in this field.

Molecular biology is involved in the production of a large number of drugs and future therapies (Getty Images)

Delicious cake

The global pharmaceutical industry market size is expected to reach $ 1 trillion, $ 700 billion and $ 97 million by 2025, with a combined annual growth rate of 8%, as noted in the Global Market Report for Pharmaceuticals, and their share of the world’s technology companies, and a tasty cake They even kept their eyes on cutting the big part.

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In addition, the pharmaceutical industry provides these companies with a wealth of real data that is much needed in machine learning, intelligent information retrieval, algorithmic design, and research into other areas of data-hungry AI.

In fact, the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies need more advanced technologies owned by technology companies to advance research in the field of molecular biology, to promote collaboration between new drugs and therapies for incurable or emerging diseases, and collaboration. Two fields are very important in this context. For example, to use the technology giant’s expertise in quantum computing to accelerate drug research and development, let’s take the recent partnership with pharmaceutical company Bohringer Ingelheim with Google.

Currently, technology companies have the ability to handle large amounts of health data collected on a daily basis from users of their various sites, but these data do not have the accuracy and reliability required for drug development.

A new revolution in terms of data

In this context, researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland announced in a study Walkway The University recently announced an unprecedented quality leap in the field of digital biology, where artificial intelligence algorithms have enabled researchers to make more accurate predictions of the three-dimensional structure of proteins, and the key components that make up various amino acids are proteins, amino acids that make up a unique part of the human body, perfect for human and diet Necessary.

The researchers said that in order for artificial intelligence to make accurate predictions, it must use reliable and exceptionally high quality data, which includes the role of leading pharmaceutical companies with large amounts of accurate and reliable information, thanks to many years of clinical trials and scientific research conducted over many days, and pharmaceutical companies market Have the necessary expertise to ensure the safety, quality and performance of the products.

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If we combine the capabilities of technology companies to analyze the capabilities of pharmaceutical companies and collect reliable data, the result will be a real revolution in the field of pharmaceutical industry and the treatment of diseases, and the unparalleled benefit to the future of the joint humanity between the two parties.

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