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Digital Bulletin – Two mental health startups from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia at Vivatech Forum


vivatech Forum on Technology Companies and the Digital Economy in Europe

Every year, I keep you updated with the most important events of the forum vivatech Considered the largest ParisianA tech event in Europe, a panel at a forum or to get to know some of the emerging Arab tech companies. In addition to other startups from around the world, we will also discover a variety of technological innovations, in addition to giant tech companies and investors from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Asia..In various journals.

Artificial intelligence was everywhere this year, from small to big innovations in beauty, health, environment, education and clothing.and luxury goods and robotics, military innovations and smart cars; It was the focus of discussion with an interested audience.

© vivatech 2023

He was the undisputed guest star Elon MuskIt was welcomed by France as winners, once again expressing its fears about the rapid development of artificial intelligence.

© vivatech 2023

There was another star who was less known to the public, but was awaited by a crowd of young people and students of computer science and artificial intelligence, and he was one of the godfathers of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Yan Le Gun Head of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the institute Meta and holder Turing Award With the year 2019 Geoffrey Hinton on the side Joshua Bengio It is considered equivalent to the Nobel Prize in Computer Science for their research Artificial Intelligence and “Deep Learning” and employed Artificial Neural Networks Using a technology calledRedistributionIt is a technology that mimics how the brain works, on which many brain systems are based Artificial intelligence Current. Unlike this Elon Musk Al-Bashir confirms his future capabilities of artificial intelligence.

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Arabic presence in the forum vivatech

The sites were marked by her presenceSurprise at the crossroads vivatechSaudi Arabia Pavilion with Incubator “Facilities” With a variety of startups and financial institutions.

Saudi Arabia’s pavilion at the vivatech forum © Naila Al Salibi

and synthesis Dubai Among the pavilions that piqued the interest of a small group of startups and many professional forum pioneers.

Dubai Pavilion at Vivatech Malaga © Naila Al Salibi

Elsewhere there are separate centers for both Morocco AndTunisia Further Jordan With a group of startups with an incubator orange, There was a shy presence to Lebanon.

I chose to introduce two sites Lebanon and Saudi Arabia They offer remote psychotherapy sessions.

Teddy Khalifa is the founder and CEO of Areca, a telepsychotherapy website. © Naila Al Salibi

From the Lebanon siteareeka web with Teddy Khalifa, Founder and CEO of the site Distance psychotherapy.

Mazen Al-Raghini, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer and Development Officer of Labaye Platform © Naila Al Salibi

From the Saudi platform “Labe” with Mazen al-Raghini, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer and Development Officer.

Let’s have future meetings “Digital Newsletter” With Arab entrepreneurs and startups from Multaqah vivatech French.

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