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Director Kareem Rahfani Al Arabiya Net: Our Voice Reaches the World by Emmy Award Nominee Beirut 6:07


After receiving numerous awards at numerous Arab and international festivals, he was selected from the 15 directors nominated for theatrical work to compete for the Best Short Film Series award along with three other works from Brazil, Spain and New Zealand. The International Emmy Awards, hosted by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, will be one of the contenders for the 49th Annual Awards.

That’s it Kareem Al Rahbani His method as one of the most ambitious young directors in the Arab arena and in his country Lebanon has always been about providing the human side, he presented a chapter in the creation of “Trubel”, a short film or “Beirut 6:07”. , Thereby tracking the story of what happened on August 4 after the Beirut port explosion. In an interview with, al-Rahbani spoke about his views on participating in the work and the importance of nominating this work for this international award and other details.

How do you see the recommendation of a work like “Beirut 6:07” for such an award?

It was a great thing that this work reached the final nominations at the US International Emmy Awards because the goal at the end of this work, which was shown last year, came from me with 14 other directors on a voluntary endeavor, not to forget what happened, sorry or sorry. We provided. Alive in people’s memory. For more than a year and a month, justice has not yet been served. The echo of this issue is important around the world, and what happened to it .. We presented the Emmy Awards to commemorate the Emmy Awards. The victims and wounded in the Beirut port blast on August 4, because there are so many around the world, they do not know the number of people who fled because of this scandal and the loss of their lives.

Tell me more about “Beirut 6:07” … How did the idea of ​​implementing it come about?

It’s a short film, each a short film, each directed by a director, and I’m one of them. It was written and directed by Lebanese screenwriters and actors, including Rita Hayek, Carol Abbott, and Roderick Suleiman. , Produced by Fodi Abu Samra, and “Big Picture Studio”. “I Magic” is shown on the Shahid stage, and the actual events that took place before and after the plot eruption of each episode and the duration of each are 7 to 12 minutes.

As soon as the eruption we started work .. we encountered difficult psychological conditions, we could not organize what we could pursue, except to communicate with the directors in Lebanon about where we started, how we stopped. To present a work of art at this event, we can not do. Lebanon forgets about it for a lifetime. That is why we were the first people to begin to react in a technical way to this catastrophe, so the idea of ​​”Beirut 6:07″, and a tribute to those who left this job, they will not be forgotten, but a tribute to the souls of the victims, missing The departed and the brave were inspired by the real events and real people, within the short stories that deal with each event, standing by the rescue teams and others, and the great human, moral and material loss as a result of the eruption.

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How did you choose the story of “Trubel” and “Ali Sawan”? What does “Trubel” mean?

The whole team came together and we came up with the main idea that each of us should choose the story of someone who was damaged or injured in the “Beirut Harbor” explosion, and while searching for stories I was inspired by the story of a normal unemployed young man due to the awkward conditions that accompany the Lebanese corona. On August 4, the first day the stone was removed, he left his home and went to sea throwing his anxiety, and he was stranded at sea. Rescue teams found his body and his car at sea 9 days after the explosion. The news was so painful when it was shown in the news, so like the stories I present in my cinema, I chose to tell his story with humanity about it. To the fishermen, it means a stick of dynamite, through which the fish is killed for killing, I felt that this name is very apt for the story of Ali Sawan.

I find the story of “Truebel” to be very difficult both mentally and psychologically because we usually face many difficulties in any work of art, but could not understand what happened here, we tried what we could offer, it was my job to express it through film and sound though what we would present Unknowingly bound, so I dedicate my congratulations to Ali Sawan, who told me his story.

And how was the psychological impact of the accident on the people of the country?

Politically and economically the situation in Lebanon was very bad. We worked hard, but no one can deny that August 4 changed our position in Lebanon. After the eruption of Beirut port, we felt something shattered inside each of us, and we could not erase from our memory the sound of the explosion and how we received the news through the news channels. Unable to understand or believe the tragic film due to human casualties and the catastrophe that hit the country. I still remember the destruction of homes and the disappearances when people searched for their beds under the rubble. Incidentally, the first day of the Lebanese trek, after a long isolation due to corona infection. Coincidentally, Ali Sawan went fishing to the port of Beirut and threw his anxiety into the sea, and he had no idea what fate awaited him, which none of them could forget.

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