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Doha is changing the name of its largest oil company from “Qatar Petroleum” to “Qatar Energy”


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Sulaiman Haj Ibrahim

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Doha – Al Quds Al Arabi: As part of Doha’s contribution to environmental protection, Qatar Petroleum, one of the largest international companies in the oil and gas sector, has officially changed its name to “Qatar Energy”. Saad bin Sheridan al-Kafi, Qatar’s Minister of Energy and Managing Director and CEO of Qatar Petroleum, announced that the name had been changed to Qatar Energy.

Within the Government’s commitment to contribute to the protection of clean energy and the environment

The announcement came in a statement to employees about changing the name of Qatar Petroleum to Qatar Energy.
The move was seen as an ambitious path to become a key partner and trusted partner in global clean energy change.
“We have huge cash flow,” al-Qaeda said, adding that the Qatari company did not follow the example of Gulf rivals such as Saudi Aramco and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation (ADNOC).
Al Coffee, the new name best reflects a broader strategy that includes energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technology such as carbon dioxide storage.
Qatar Energy is a state-owned national company that handles all phases of the oil and gas sector in Qatar. It has strong qualifications to become a pioneer and competes with many Gulf and international oil companies. The company was founded in 1974 by Emery Order No. 10, formerly known as the Qatar General Petroleum Corporation.
Qatar Energy and its subsidiaries and joint ventures include crude oil, natural gas, natural gas liquids, continuous petroleum products, petrochemicals, petroleum additives, chemical fertilizers, liquefied natural gas, iron and aluminum.
The company’s strategy in research and development activities is based on research and production-sharing agreements and development and production-sharing agreements, which end with major international oil and gas companies.
Amid global gas prices, Qatar is currently seeking to increase its liquefied natural gas production from 77 million tonnes to 127 million tonnes by 2027.
Al-Ghafi said gas, which produces less emissions than other fossil fuels such as oil and coal, will remain part of the global energy mix for many years to come, even as the world becomes more renewable energy sources.
Qatar Energy raised $ 12.5 billion by issuing bonds in June. Al-Qaeda said the money was in cash and had not been used to ensure adequate cash flow. The bond issue, which took place in four segments, was the company’s first public bond sale and the largest issue in emerging markets this year.
Other Gulf oil companies are raising assets by selling assets.
Bankers say the state-run Saudi Aramco, which has already sold a small stake in a major initial public offering, plans to raise $ 10 billion by selling shares in energy assets to get higher oil prices.

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