March 21, 2023

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Sharjah..a vast portal to publish worldwide

Sharjah..a vast portal to publish worldwide

The Sharjah Book Authority and the Spanish Ministry of Culture discussed the details of Spain’s participation in the fortieth session of the Sharjah International Book Fair from November 3 to 13, under the slogan “Here …”. . You have a book. “

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Spanish Ministry of Culture in Madrid.

Representatives of the ministry stressed that the Sharjah Exhibition, one of the three largest book fairs in the world, is in anticipation of the Spanish cultural Arab-Arab scene and reveals the size and richness of the cultural event taking place there. Fair with the participation of Spanish writers and creators and representatives of Spanish cultural institutions and organizations.

They hoped that the exhibition celebration of Spain’s cultural experience would enhance relations between the United Arab Emirates and Spanish cities, and open up new opportunities for publishers in the book industry market in the UAE and the region, and stressed that Sharjah is a wide gateway for publishing, not only at the Arab level, but globally.

For its part, representatives of the Sharjah Book Authority said that the celebration of the Spanish experience is an addition to the exhibition program and enriches the experience of its visitors, especially since Spain has provided for human creativity, common in various countries around the world.

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