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Mass destruction.. Bullets penetrate the children’s ward at a hospital in Khartoum


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The video clip documented the aftermath of the massive destruction that hit a hospital in the Sudanese capital Khartoum as a result of violent clashes between the army and rebel Rapid Support Forces.

The clip showed the severely damaged pediatric surgery ward on the top floor of Ibrahim Malik Hospital in Al-Sahafa neighborhood in the capital.

This comes at a time when the initial group of the Sudan Doctors Syndicate reported that 60 of the 86 hospitals in the conflict zones have stopped working.

The Sudan Medical Syndicate said on its Facebook page on Wednesday that Khartoum alone had seen eight of the deaths.

It confirmed that 14 hospitals were bombed and 19 medical facilities stopped working due to clashes.

Many hospitals are closed

In turn, the World Health Organization warned that “violence, many hospital strikes, limited capacity to provide water, food shortages and forced population displacement” are all factors that pose “major health risks in Sudan”. .”

The UN agency added that “50,000 children in Darfur are suffering from severe malnutrition” and have not received food aid as a result of the suspension of United Nations agencies after the killing of five staff members.

A hospital in Khartoum (Reuters)

Amid accusations of recriminations between the military and Rapid Support Forces, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry on Thursday handed over an official memorandum to the World Health Organization regarding the Rapid Support Forces’ encroachment on 12 hospitals and health facilities. In Khartoum.

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The army blames the swift support

In a statement carried by Sudan News Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it handed over a memorandum to the United Nations in Geneva through Sudan’s permanent mission, “regarding 12 hospitals and the flagrant violation by rebel Rapid Support Forces. of health facilities in the national capital, Khartoum.”

Hospitals and facilities “occupied” by the support forces include Khartoum Hospital, Al-Shaab Hospital, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, Dental Hospital, Al-Rashi Hospital, Al-Saha Hospital, Private Hospitals Group, Kuwait, the report indicated. Hospital, East Nile Hospital and National Health Laboratory and Central Blood Bank and Parent Hospital.

A hospital in Khartoum (Reuters)

Clashes, airstrikes and artillery fire have left more than 500 people dead, nearly 4,200 injured, destroyed hospitals and limited food supplies since the fighting broke out.

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