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Dr. Mahmoud Al-Dawadi reveals the truth about the Tunisian personality



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A doctor in sociology and psychology, Mahmoud al-Dawadi, revealed some characteristics of the Tunisian personality, including “false speech”.

Affirming that it is widespread in Tunisian society in the form of cursing, cursing and praying, he emphasized that obscene speech is widespread.

Tunisian Personal Behaviors.

The doctor expressed his astonishment at some of the behavior of the Tunisian personality, citing as an example the crowding of people, similar to what he described as “Al-Dasan”.

The bus station and the congestion pattern followed by the Tunisian.

In a previous study he wrote about Tunisian personality, Dr. Al-Tawadi says, “Our observations are about basic Tunisian personality.

Personality is only preliminary observations of some of its aspects. Modern sociologists and psychologists recognize that basic personality is a phenomenon

Complex nature requires intensive and continuous efforts to scientifically explore its depths.

An accumulation of research and studies in the social and behavioral sciences on individual and collective personality, particularly after World War II, has been demonstrated.

Anthropologists, sociologists and psychologists face great difficulties in establishing a reliable scientific understanding of the phenomenon of personality.

Individual and group.

As we have mentioned, the Tunisian personality is the motivational personality in dealing with what is called in Tunisian terms “the foreigner” or “the other” or “al-barani”.

As the Tunisian vernacular says. It seems that the word “mobilization” in Arabic is a more accurate word to describe the basic Tunisian personality.

The lesson here is that mobilization in the Daath language is the intensity of hatred that has always existed in the animal world, meaning anxiety and distance. What does the verse depict?

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Al-Kareem “Like alarmed donkeys fleeing from Khazura.”

According to Dawadi, the reality of Tunisian society is characterized by the diversity and heterogeneity of cases of violence and aggressive behavior among Tunisians. It is known about the individual

The Tunisian is quick to resort to verbal and physical violence against the “other” Tunisian for even the most trivial of things. Cursing, insults and “stupid” talk

Tunisian male speech is known for its profanity and frequent use during social interactions with strangers.

A friend who has never seen, heard or exchanged lewd verbal exchanges with Tunisians since childhood?

As for the Tunisian woman, she contributes to the phenomenon of verbal abuse with Tunisian women and Tunisian “strangers”.

Women’s discourse is the use of “prayer”, which differs from the male discourse of “foolishness”, which reflects aspects of violence and contradiction in the male gender.

And disrespecting the sanctities and taboos of religious and gender traditions. The discourse “prayer” refers to the Tunisian female resort to using words and phrases.

They ask for it or plead with God or elves or righteous guardians so that the child who disobeys the parental command will be punished for them, or the individual will meet.

An angry person has his due punishment at the hands of those psychic powers. The word “prayer” here does not mean to pray for Him, but to pray for Him.

A typical example of the discourse of “prayer” for a Tunisian woman who is particularly angry with her son is the following phrases: “God will make me lose through you” and “He will give you.

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To make you a jinn.

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