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Dubai Chamber for Digital Economy launches “Go Dubai” program


Dubai Chamber for Digital Economy, one of the three chambers operating under the umbrella of Dubai Chambers, is gearing up to host “Expand North Star”, the largest exhibition and gathering of startups from around the world. port.”

The North Star Expo will witness the expansion of Dubai Chamber for Digital Economy’s launch of the “LaunchPad Dubai” program, which aims to accelerate the growth and expansion of global tech companies to Dubai, including startups, fast-growing companies and billionaire companies. Through one platform it provides services like visas, banking and judicial services, housing services, skills and other essential services.

The exhibition continues for four days, and in its current edition, it builds on the success of last year’s “Expansion North Star” exhibition, which resulted in the signing of contracts that resulted in the establishment of around 150 start-ups in the UAE. Completed during the exhibition.

The Dubai Chamber Digital Economy Pavilion at the EXPAND NORTH STAR exhibition will be the flagship station of the “Go Dubai” project, as it will provide special sections for the project’s partners, and interested local and international digital companies can initiate procedures for obtaining partner services. at the Dubai Chamber Digital Economy Pavilion.

Eligible digital companies can also apply for “Golden Residency” and undergo a medical fitness test.

The “Expand North Star” program includes the “AI Monday” event, which brings together a group of fast-growing startups in the field of artificial intelligence, “India Central”, the largest exhibition for Indian startups outside India, “AsiaFast 100”. and “Africa Fast 100”, which brings together the top 100 startups in their category from each of the two continents to participate in a full program of event days that includes conferences, networking events and a competition dedicated to pitching ideas. The three events “FinTech Surge”, “The Future of Blockchain” Summit and “Marketing Mania” will be held in the common space.

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Expand North Star will host an investor summit bringing together more than 250 representatives from local and international family offices, investment funds and investors. For the first time, Expand North Star will introduce a new quality initiative called “Emeratipreneur”. Inc.” It is the best social event and platform for communication, networking and development specially designed for Emirati entrepreneurs, innovators and investors.

The event includes a first-of-its-kind exhibition area for talented young innovators and digital startups, who enjoy special exhibition halls. The event will include an “Emirati Entrepreneurs Council” which will include panel discussion panels. The next generation of startups, billionaire companies and world-renowned entrepreneurs. Emirati youth.

This year, Expand will also host the Northstar Supernova Challenge, a popular presentation competition with a $200,000 prize.

Expand North Star is the first choice for deals, co-financing and fundraising for investors from over 70 countries.

The exhibition is scheduled to witness the participation of more than 1,800 startups from over 100 countries, under its umbrella the world’s most important startups, innovators, investors, entrepreneurs and founders of large companies. More than 1,000 investors with over a trillion dollars in assets under management are moving to Dubai, whose position is emerging as the center of the global digital economy.

Supports the “D33” agenda

North Star aims to expand and support the D33 agenda’s goal of transforming 30 startups into global billionaire companies valued at more than $1 billion by 2033.

• “Expand North Star” is the first choice for closing deals and financing for investors from 70 countries.

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