March 27, 2023

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Dubai is no exception to the new craze for sports and fitness

With anatomy, yoga or group gym classes, the gym is the most developed in Dubai. There are more than 400 gyms throughout the city, one of the highest rates in the world, and the offer of outdoor activities is very rich.

“All places are accessible to all kinds of games, in the air, on land, at sea,” Says General Secretary Saeed Hareb Dubai Sports CouncilIt adds: “There are many potential activities in the mountains.”

“Exercise to Control Sense”

Since the health restrictions were lifted and they reopened, many rooms have indicated a greater need for group sessions.

For example a program called Blitz is a complete high intensity training, the idea of ​​getting maximum results as quickly as possible. “We mix three things: cardio running on the treadmill, strengthening with different dumbbells to lift the bench and finally, the functional aspect,” Says Aldrin Dela Vega, director of group sessions at Gymnasium. “So it’s designed to achieve any fitness goal,” He promises.

At the height of the epidemic, online home training became popular around the world as athletic grounds and gyms closed. A lot of people started exercising to maintain a sense of control. Saliha Afridi, clinical psychologist explains Lighthouse Arabia. “Sport builds self-confidence and helps release endorphins and this is what you are looking for when you start to feel this loss of control depending on the circumstances and how you feel.” She believes.

Rise of home training

Due to the epidemic, many companies in the fitness and wellness industry had to change their offer.

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“It’s been a very busy year: we’ve been closed for about 75 days.” Says Lauren Holland, co-founder and CEO of Gymnasium. “But during this period, we provided free and open access to the new site “Les Mills on Demand” To all our members, but to non-members who want to be healthy, active and active, “ he said. “Then, after imprisonment, the demand for fitness increased drastically.” He points out.

By 2020, the global home fitness equipment market represents 8. 8.9 billion and has recorded unprecedented growth over the past twelve months.

“Our products are designed for theaters and individuals.” In Latfi Hamroni, Director of Marketing and Sales mentions Johnson Health Tech Middle East. “Home training equipment is 10% of our business, but we saw a 95% increase in this segment during epidemics. Home training is a new trend: it started at the height of the epidemic, but it continues, and today we see the emergence of a hybrid practice indoors and at home.” He describes.

The most anticipated return to theaters

On the side of the gym’s regulations, like those encountered at the gymnasium, many of them felt lost, and they were eager to reopen the doors of its training space. “The first four weeks of training at home were fun, but we quickly got bored.” Recognizes a teenager. The room follower adds: “I’ve always exercised, it’s part of my daily routine, it helps to stay strong, in shape and stay young.”

“People who are treated go to the rooms and shout: I, the game allows me to get rid of stress,” Refers to another coach.

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Lauren Holland of the Gymnasium adds: “I think everyone is taking their health and fitness as normal. Now they realize it’s time to devise an action plan to take care of themselves. So after re-opening, we registered for three to four months. Our company has never seen sales before,” he said. Before adding he greets himself: “We also started a huge investment project and we opened four new theaters in three months.

Initiatives Joint

Launched in 2017 Dubai Fitness Challenge Is an annual event where the entire city is encouraged to get 30 minutes of physical activity a day for 30 days.

“Without sports and without functional training, at the community level, it means we increase the use of drugs.” Saeed Hareb, General Secretary of the Dubai Sports Council. “So to reduce it, especially at this time of Govt-19, you need to take action to stay healthy and fit.” He promises.

In addition, there are other benefits to the community as a whole. “We know that the sedentary lifestyle has to do with the provider: a behavior that can cause a problem, GDP, productivity and mental health at work, which is under pressure that affects the consumption of drugs and the health system.” Psychologist Saliha Afridi insists. “So taking care of its shape does a lot of things for the community as a whole: a city that fits is happier, more productive and healthier.” She promises.

So Dubai is organizing many events to encourage as many people as possible to participate in these joint ventures.