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Dubai offers one of the deepest diving pools in the world


According to reports, Dubai has set a new world record for the world’s deepest diving pool CNBC. The attraction, which opened a few days ago, aims to attract tourists beyond the epidemic, in addition to the city’s other majestic infrastructure.

The tallest tower (828 m), the widest fountain (1335 m2), the tallest swimming pool (300 m) United Arab Emirates Never stop beating records. The world’s deepest diving pool has opened Dubai July 7, Eliminate a competitor located in Poland. The Guinness Book of World Records confirmed the new record at the end of June. Note CNBC.

Is called Deep Dive Dubai, This swimming pool “Divers offers the opportunity to explore the submerged city almost 60 meters underwater”, Explains the American Channel, – “That is 15 meters deeper than any other pond ”, Related to the site of the diving center. It has six Olympic swimming pools or the equivalent of 14.6 million liters of water.

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As explained N.P.R., Divers can go to different themed rooms decorated with lush vegetation, “Play pool, table football or chess underwater.” The water temperature is maintained at 30 C, which is sufficient to satisfy swimmers for several hours of exploration.

The swimming pool is currently accessible by invitation only. It will be fully open to the public by the end of July. For an hour session you have to plan from 500 dirhams to 1500 dirhams (115 euros to 345 euros).

The country hosts the World’s Fair in October.

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