June 7, 2023

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Emirates News Agency – Dubai Property Deals $ 5.3 billion

Dubai, July 15, 2021 (WAM) – The Dubai Land Department recorded a total of $ 5.3 billion worth of real estate and property transactions in the week ended July 15, 2021.

128 plots AED sold for 854.35 million and 1,218 apartments and villas for AED 2.79 billion.

The first three transactions were sold first in Jumeirah for 89.56 million, then for AT67 million and Umm Sukheim in third place, and in Airport City for AED 39 million.

Hadeq Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid recorded the highest number of transactions this week with 24 sales transactions worth $ 223.28 million, followed by Nat Al Shiba with 22 sales transactions worth AED 62.05 million, followed by Al Hebia with 32 sales AED. In third place.

In terms of number of apartment and villa sales transactions, Marsa Dubai topped the list with 232 transactions worth 562 million, while Business Bay had 177 million transactions with 119 transactions. ‘AED, Al Barsha South fourth place, recorded 78 transactions worth AED 59 million.

The amount of mortgage assets for this week is 1.53 billion, the highest land in Marsa Dubai, mortgaged to 311 million AED.

72 properties were valued at AED 172.44 million among first grade relatives.

Translated by: Kihane Pawsi.


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