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Dubai prepares for Universal Expo: 25 million visitors expected from October 1 to March 31


Despite the setbacks, Expo 2020, which has not been renamed “2021”, is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (Mesa) region. It is the largest event ever organized in the Arab world and wants to be the largest international gathering of the year.

Always more

Always high, always luxurious, always innovative, always “bright” எப்போதும் Dubai’s ambition to attract tourists and entrepreneurs from all over the world seems boundless.

The world’s tallest tower, the world’s longest automatic tramway, the world’s largest artificial island, the world’s largest shopping center, the world’s largest fountain … three international airports, free zones’ 100% tax deduction for income or profits … hard to roll the red carpet .

It works: the city-emirate population, about 3.5 people, now consists of more than 90% foreigners, Has 30,000 French foreigners and is the regional headquarters for the majority of CAC 40 companies. Not to mention the civilized influencers in the middle of the desert, skyscrapers and the social networks of Lamborghinis and their Eldorado.

The countdown is in motion: in precisely 130 days, theDubai World Expo Its doors will open to the public. One year after the initial schedule, the Govt-19 epidemic is forcing it.

For now, the site, located south of the city next to Al Maktoum International Airport, is still a major construction site where hundreds of workers work seven days a week. The task is enormous: in the long run, on about 440 hectares, each of the 192 countries represented will have their own pavilion. A few months ago, it was a vast place, nothing but a burning desert with no construction and no road infrastructure.

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Once the work is completed, visitors should take a full view: each pavilion will be an architectural achievement that showcases the knowledge and qualities of the country it represents through exhibitions and events. The United Arab Emirates is undoubtedly a building representing a Balkan (symbol of the country) aircraft.

Good to know

City and United Arab Emirates – Dubai is a city, but one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is located in the Persian Gulf and faces Iran. Most of the emirates are occupied by the Rab al-Khali Desert, one of the largest in the world.

Alcohol and Monogini – You feel safe in Dubai, but beware of misconduct: the city is covered by cameras and certain behaviors such as drug use or drinking and driving are severely punished. And there is no doubt about practicing monogini on the beach.

Up to 50 degrees – Be careful, it will be very hot in Dubai. During the months of June, July, August and September, the temperature fluctuates with 50 peaks above 30 to 40 degrees. January “cold” month: 15 to 25 degrees Rainfall is rare.

The theme of the exhibition is “Connecting the Mind, Creating the Future”. It wants to celebrate and use the official language elements, “Mankind’s Recession, Creativity, Culture and Discovery, especially through major technological advances in medicine and science”.

The site, which is already directly accessible by taking the world’s largest fully automated metro (60 km without a driver), is divided into three districts: the first for broader mobility, the second for sustainable development, and the third for opportunities for individuals and communities. “Be the actors of the better future”. Between two crackers, it takes about two days to get around.

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The France Pavilion is over

Done. The France Pavilion is now complete. After two years of work. The main purpose of this building is to have a large terrace that offers a unique view of the entire site: Promoting French skills working in the field of sustainable development ; Develop the charm of the country; Participate in economic recovery by helping companies to capture new markets.

The pavilion will host a permanent exhibition covering 1,000 m² and will provide visitors with a “walk in the history of progress”. Five temporary exhibitions are planned (cinema, tableware, etc.).

Expo 2020 is the unnamed “2021” despite the setback The first World’s Fair in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (Mesa). It is the largest event ever organized in the Arab world and wants to be the largest international gathering of the year.

More than 25 million viewers are expected from around the world in six months. 80% of them are tourists and 20% are traders.

Tour Express

How to get there – The flight from Dubai to Paris takes about 6.45 hours. Blue Voyages offers several options for Expo 2020. Its offers are aimed at tourists and professionals who can take advantage of this trip and grow their business. The company exemplifies its fifty years of experience in organizing corporate events, business trips or leisure. It has established close ties with companies serving the UAE and hotels located near the exhibition.

It offers packages including visit to the exhibition and discovery of the city from 24 to 29 January 2022 and 21 to 26 February 2022. Information: 04 72 76 75 66; [email protected];

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Emirates – Based in Dubai, Emirates is considered one of the best airlines in the world along with Singapore Airlines. Departing from Paris, the flight takes place on the A380 (photo), XXL and the particularly convenient Airbus aircraft. Emirates has a hundred of them.

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