June 7, 2023

Dubai Week

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Dubai, the new kingdom of queens and kings of film

Enough to create a few minutes gap in their Instagram feed: the infection seems to be not happening there. No mask or hygiene restrictions. Display of lean photo filters and bling-bling objects. Influencers from reality TV, admired by young people and admired by luxury brands, cosmetics or food, all migrated to Dubai since the onset of the health crisis. Nabila Benatia, who was featured on NRJ12’s “The Angels of Reality TV” show, was the most advertised of them, “No, but hello, what? You’re a woman, don’t you have shampoo?”. She has 6.5 million subscribers, is married to Thomas Vergara with 2.1 million followers, and her monthly income is estimated at 190,000 euros, according to the publication.

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Caroline Receiver, who influences beauty and lifestyle, married Hugo Philippe, the bodybuilder behind the food supplement brand, before moving to a country where cohabitation outside of marriage is banned. With its 3.5 million followers, Jazz Korea still has a revenue of ,000 300,000