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22 dead and 18 wounded in clashes in Chad


On Saturday, 22 people were killed in clashes between farmers and herdsmen in Hajar Lamis in central Chad, the region witnessing persistent violent conflicts between these groups, 200 kilometers from the capital, N’Djamena.

“The conflict started over a land dispute between the two groups, one of which wants to settle in it, while the other prevents it from doing so,” said Amina Kojiana, governor of the Hajar Lamis region.

She explained that “a dispute between the urban farmers who belong to the Bulala tribes and the Arabs of the nomadic cattle breeders” in the village of Zahana, noting that the confrontations led to the deaths of “22 dead and 18 wounded.”

“We have sent forces to maintain order since Saturday,” said Minister of Communication and Government Spokesperson Abdul Rahman Kalamallah.

The areas of central and southern Chad are constantly witnessing confrontations between local communities, many of whom possess weapons.

It revolves most often among the nomadic cattle ranchers in central and southern Chad, where many residents are armed. “We have engaged the traditional leaders of the two groups to put an end to this recurring dispute,” explained the governor of the region.

For his part, Kalamallah stated that the authorities “have begun to completely disarm the civilians,” stressing that “the parties to the conflict have been reconciled and complete calm has returned to the area.”

The confrontations between the two groups in Chad lead to deaths. Last December, eleven people were killed in the south of the country in clashes between farmers and herders. In February, 35 people were killed in the same area.

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