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“Education and Knowledge” publishes a guide for parents to return to school


Ibrahim Saleem (Abu Dhabi)

The Department of Education and Knowledge has released a guideline for parents to return to school in preparation for the upcoming school world 2021-2022, which includes answering parental questions because the department has identified three models based on each person’s absorption ability, and imposed health and safety measures that meet all requirements. The first model covered full time, in which all students attended daily class instruction.
The second “part-time” model: it depends on the schedule set by each school so that students receive at least 50% of the classroom instruction. It is a part-time system, alternating days and weeks.
Third “Distance Education” Model: Schools may choose to offer full distance education to students who choose this model.
With regard to the “distance education option”, this year schools have chosen not to offer distance education, but they are obliged to submit this form to the following forms: students with health conditions (Govt-19), and this is considered the most dangerous., Issued by an accredited medical care provider Medical certificate, students aged 16 and over who have not been vaccinated and students from schools that have chosen to submit the distance education model.
Furthermore, the study will go on to use the distance education model until the safe return if the classroom or school is temporarily closed as “Covit-19” cases are recorded.
The department ensured that schools retain the right to charge full tuition fees to all students, regardless of the “classroom or distance” education model. Generally, there will be no increase in fees. Approval of the fee increase is limited to schools facing only exceptional circumstances.
All students must meet the following requirements to ensure that the safety procedures for returning to school remain the same, and to ensure a safe start to the new school year, taking into account the health and safety of all:
Conducting “Govt-19 PCR” examination, vaccinating applicants and following all procedures for return from travel.

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Select “Govit-19 PCR”
The department specified what categories are required to conduct the PCR examination involving all students over the age of 12, thus requiring all school staff to submit a negative test result that will allow them to enter the school premises. Negative exam results that allow them to enter the school campus

Check the process
For the commitment to the health and safety of the school community and for the timely monitoring of any injuries, all students, teachers and all school staff over the age of 12 should conduct examinations every two weeks, in addition to students 12 and over, teachers and all school staff from long vacations (summer, spring Period, winter and Eid holidays) upon return, PCR must provide the results of the examination, the validity period of which does not exceed 96 hours, and contact the school if there is any change to the specified requirements.
As happened last year, the guide noted that students take the exam before returning to school, and those involved in the schools will inform you of the specific date for the exam, and contact the schools to confirm the exact date and thus conduct the exam in a timely manner to ensure that your children are admitted to the school campus. Ensuring that children continue to take the exam once they reach the age of 12, in coordination with their schools to continue their classroom education.

Returning from travel
Regarding the procedures for going abroad for returnees, the department ensured that “if the student travels outside the country”, home or health isolation measures should be used and specific exams should be conducted according to the list of requirements. Approved by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and the National Disaster, Emergency and Emergency Management Authority, and the school must provide the travel approval form, and schools must collect these forms before the start of the semester, so please co-operate and provide them with all necessary information.
The Department has confirmed that private schools will strictly enforce all safety measures imposed by the Department of Education and Knowledge – in the policies and guidelines for reopening private schools in Abu Dhabi 2021/22 academic year 20. Switching to distance education in case of physical activity, wearing masks, class groups, and injuries.

Vaccine against the virus
For the safety of the school community, 89% of the education, administrative and support staff at private schools in Abu Dhabi have so far been vaccinated against the “Govit-19” virus, and the guide stressed that we encourage strengthening security. Community by vaccinating your children.
He said students aged 3-15 are not required to be vaccinated to return to school through the classroom system, but 16 and more students wishing to receive a classroom education within the school premises must be vaccinated, according to the official health authorities in the country, who have completed 28 days from the second dose of one of the approved vaccines in the country. , And if they have received the first dose of the vaccine they choose to return to school Get a classroom education, then they should contact the school to get the information they need before the schools open, and it will be updated. Hose application.
Students 16 years of age and older will be allowed to enter the school premises if they have been excluded from the vaccination, and must verify the appearance of the exemptions on Al-Hossain’s application or through an official letter from a healthcare organization or other authorized bodies. Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, and students must take the first dose of the vaccine within 4 weeks of reaching school age by 16 weeks, and they must receive the second dose at the specified time.
If you choose not to vaccinate your children 16 years and older, you can only include them in the distance education model and they will be allowed on the school campus to make the most important exams with a negative PCR test result.
The PCR will inform the parents of the school about the current updates on the validity period of the exam and if the children are not sent to the school to write the exam as per the current health condition of the country, it may adversely affect the academic achievement of the students.
Abu Dhabi There are more than 100 vaccines against the “Govit-19” virus throughout the Emirate, and for their details and available vaccines, please visit the Department of Health website – Abu Dhabi.
Please note: The Pfizer vaccine is available for children 12 years of age and older, and the Sinoform vaccine is available for children 3-17 years of age.
The department has indicated that all vaccinations listed on the official website of the Department of Health will be accepted if the student is vaccinated outside the country and integrate them into the Al Hossain application.

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