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The twins of Mahmoud al-Azili and Ali Fatallah .. How can a successful art partnership last 15 years? | News


Artist Mahmoud El-Azili released his latest song “Kalkan” today in collaboration with music distributor Ali Fatalla. Within hours, the song was appreciated by the Egyptian people and received over a million views on YouTube.

The song “Kalkan” is not the first collaboration between singer Mahmoud al-Osali and distributor Ali Fatallah. They have collaborated on many songs that have been very successful and loved by Egyptian and Arab audiences.

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The beginning of the collaboration between al-Osali and Ali Fatallah

In 2006, a collaboration between singer Mahmoud El-Azili and distributor Ali Fatalla began on Mahmoud El-Azili’s second album, “Who Am I?” Ana “,” Hamdallah for safety “,” No, no, “present”, “Hashoff”.

An updated collaboration between the two on Al-Osali’s third album, called “Tool Ma NT Jumpy”, was released in 2009 to arrange the distribution of music for “Jai Ma Yud”, “Betty and Matrahi” and “Wiki Al-Hayat”. .

Ali Fatallah distributed the song “New Tonia” on Al-Osali’s fourth album, which was released in 2012.

As well as the song “Anti and I”, which was a huge public success, the duo co-wrote the lyrics of the song with poet Aamir Thaima and the audience loved it.

This year the collaboration between Al-Osali and Ali Fatallah was renewed on the song “Ala Gadak”, in which the poet Amir Taima also took part, and finally the two released the song “Kalkan” with the poet Ayman Bajaj Qamar.

The couple shared numerous hit songs and icons to each other.

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Who is Ali Fatallah?

Ali Fatallah is a composer who has collaborated with many singers including Mahmoud al-Azili, Hisham Abbas, Iyad Saleh and many more. He composed the music for Ahmed El-Sakka’s “Nestl al-Agrib” series and Amir Carrara, which was shown last Ramadan.

Fatallah composed the music for Hisham Abbas’ Cocktail Tape, during which he hosted a number of major singing stars, as well as composing for artist Ashraf Abdel Baki’s “Kafi Ashraf” show, as well as each series entitled “Human Tales in the Quran”. And is a music distributor of the series “Tales of Animals in the Koran” and “Captain Assou”.

He formed a pair with Fodi Nakuib, who is famous for his acclaimed “Villa”. In 2006, the two created the show “The Future of Sound of Egypt” through their online radio, and they performed a number of concerts. Until they reach their fame outside Egypt.

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