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“Education” forces all students to do a PCR for two weeks during the first month of study


The Government of the United Arab Emirates held periodic press conferences to introduce the latest developments and cases related to the developing corona virus in the “Govit-19” country, during which Govt. To. Every two weeks during the first month of study. All students under 12 years of age who were not vaccinated, and students 12 years of age and older were vaccinated. Unvaccinated students 12 years of age and older will be required to undergo weekly PCR laboratory tests, while monthly PCR will be required for laboratory testing.

In detail, the official spokeswoman for the country’s health department, Dr. Farida al-Hosani, announced the protocol for operating educational facilities during Govt-19 epidemics because the protocol includes a set of guidelines and regulations related to operation. Educational facilities in the country, including nurseries, child care centers, public and private school education, in addition to public and private higher education. The protocol has been sent to training centers and institutions in various regions of the country, all educational facilities in the country, where it can be viewed and its electronic version can be obtained through the official website of the Ministry of Education.

He said: “The protocol explains all the precautionary and preventive measures used in educational institutions with the aim of ensuring the safe return of all students working in all educational facilities and all staff working in the field of education. The condition that students and academic and academic staff must sign a commitment to health, including requirements and procedures, states that they are not infected with Covit-19 disease or have no contact with the affected person.

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He revealed that in order to provide the opportunity to vaccinate all students who have not been vaccinated, the protocol for activating educational facilities during the “corona” epidemic will be implemented for 30 days starting from the first school day. All unvaccinated and unvaccinated students during this period should have a “PCR” laboratory test every two weeks. And vaccinated students 12 years of age and older should have a monthly PCR laboratory test, while students 12 years of age and older who have not been vaccinated should undergo a PCR test each month. Laboratory tests are PCR weekly, and they and all ages have the option of distance learning to school whether they are vaccinated or not.

Entry and exit management

Al-Hosani noted that the educational facility is committed to managing the exit and entry process through the entrances, and follows precautionary measures to prevent crowds during their meetings, classes and breaks, indicating the physical distance of one meter and placing posters on the floor to identify parking spaces without exception; And the need to provide guidance and awareness panels on the importance of compliance with preventive measures such as contraception. Count students who belong to the category of determined individuals and divide them into different groups, emphasizing that they are not focused on a particular group.

If staff or students at the facility show signs of Govt-19, the person in charge of health and safety should be notified, parents should be informed of any suspected infection, or informed of any improvements. In accordance with the requirements set by the Ministry of Health and Social Security, the isolated room facility and the procedures for handling suspicious or confirmed cases of Govt-19 should be followed.
Al-Hosni stressed the need to use personal protective equipment, not to exchange with colleagues, and to avoid shaking hands during worship, and that all Muslim staff and students should bring their own prayer rugs, making sure to wear masks during prayers. The prayer rooms are cleaned and sterilized after each use.

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Transportation requirements

Al-Hosani announced the creation of working groups on education facilities under the name “Health and Safety Committee”, which oversees all measures to ensure the use of approved health precautionary measures in the country, noting that transport services must be carried out in educational facilities. Comply with all safety requirements and follow absorption capability, in accordance with what was done. Approved by competent authorities to ensure the health and safety of students on school buses, and if the facility violates any guidelines, violators of precautionary requirements and actions on the list will be implemented.

He stressed that strong immunity is the best way to avoid getting infected with disease or viruses in general, and that the Department of Education is responsible for the health and safety of our students, which is one of the priorities of the Department of Education. Proper nutrition is provided in school canteens and it is important to emphasize the need to adhere to all precautionary and preventive measures. During breaks, it is recommended to use physical distances, distribute students in groups to prevent crowds, and increase the number of outlets to higher education levels to facilitate the procurement process while at the same time mandating educational facilities for caterers and distributors to comply with hygiene requirements followed during outbreaks.

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