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Find out the list of Al-Ahly and Jamalek teams in the “talk show” seats News


Are you Ahlavi or Jamalek? While no Egyptian has any football preference, fans of other clubs are also cheering for one of the poles at their next selection.

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Since Amr Audi has decided to share his stories and opinions about the Jamalek matches with the audience and to clearly show his connection with the White Fort, it will no longer obscure the football tendencies of the hosts of the Dooh Show political events. Imposed by professionals, especially those who present political programs will not lose their reputation by announcing football, just like sports program providers. It creates more interaction with the audience, and melts the ice of political introductions and speaking on local and international affairs.

We all know that Amr Adi Jamalek is real, but he deserves to wear the leadership of the Jamalek media committee, but who promotes Jamalek from political broadcasters?

Jesus “King of Speech” Jamalek

Of course, the best writer, senior journalist Ibrahim Isa and al-Jamalkawi, the owner of the tours, commented on sporting events with his composition, his mark, and always unique language.

Ibrahim deals with the ideas of Isa Jamalek as a philosophy, depth and analysis, which is not different from his view in analyzing political matters, and it gave him a completely different taste from his colleague Amr Adib.

Within Jamalek’s group, journalist Youssef al-Husseini clearly sees this period, as he has not previously made clear his connection with Jamalek, but it recently appeared on his “Ninth” show on Channel One.

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Ahmed Musa, leader of the Red Ceremonies

As for the Al-Ahly team, it was undoubtedly led by Ahmed Massa, the host of the show “In My Responsibility” on the Sada Al-Balad Channel. He is a big Al-Ahly fan and has a very close relationship with the Red Club officials. Massa often celebrated al-Ahly’s victories on screen.

Maybe her husband is a senior Jamalek media person, but Lamis El Hadidi chose to stand on the other side and show his connection as a fan, and her husband will not always be without funny comments about his relationship with Adi, but it seems Lamis will always be betting on polar matches.

We also have Rami Ratwan, the host of the “Masa TMC” show, who is one of Al-Ahly’s fans, and although he is very determined to be neutral, he does not hide his connection with Al-Ahly from time to time.

Well-known journalist Vel al-Ibrashi is also a fan of the al-Ahly club, but he is highly impartial and is keen that he should not play the role of a fan on screen.

Other names are also on the list of talk show broadcasters who are fans of both teams. The Al-Ahly squad includes Tamar Amin, Khairi Ramadan and Sharif Amar, while the Jamalek list also includes Amr Abdel Hameed and Mustafa Shirdi.

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