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Egypt .. Report to the Attorney General against the news of Sherin Abdel Wahab


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An Egyptian lawyer has submitted a report to the Egyptian Attorney General regarding the news of the divorce of Egyptian actress Sherin Abdel Wahab.

Egyptian media reported that lawyer Samir Sabri should be ordered to refrain from publishing any news about the divorce, which has caused a stir in Egypt, noting that “this news has entered into discussions involving many scandals and allegations”.

Sabri said: “The news is insulting to the Egyptian community and public opinion, insulting the Egyptian government in general and all families in Egypt in general, especially to the art community. However, the media cannot tolerate more corruption than that.”

He continued, “Everything Sherin Abdel Wahab publishes hurts the dignity of Egyptian women and humiliates them,” he concluded in his letter, urging the public prosecutor to investigate what he reported and issue a restraining order. Publishing any news about divorce with respect to Egyptian women, public opinion, Egyptian family morality and stability.

Hossam discussed the crisis of getting a divorce from Habib and the recent details of his shaved head in a statement to the “Al-Hekaya” show with Sherin Amr at the base. He shaved his head and decided to punish himself. In public presence and returned to her work, she revealed that she too had done so in order to “appear in front of her ex-husband with an unpleasant appearance and agree to divorce.”

Sherin revealed that her father shaves his hair completely in any crisis situation, and that he did it himself before using a hairdresser to do only the final touches.

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Sherin said he still loved Hossam Habib and needed people to suppress her and not criticize or hurt her with any words.

Shereen Abdel Wahab said that after giving birth to her daughters she was suffering from depression and they always thought they were harmful and had been treated so far for this disease and only her visitors found out what was left. And those are the only warmth she currently has, and those are the safety valves for her, it should only rely on itself, not trust anyone else.

The Egyptian artist appeared with a shaved head and received great support from fellow artists and the public, expressing sympathy for him after they expressed his psychological distress in recent times and announcing his desire to return to his art career again.


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