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Discount up to 65% on the price of “Corona” vaccine


Consumers have confirmed that the basic ingredients to prevent corona virus (Govit-19) infection are: masks, sterilizers and gloves, which have dropped in price by up to 65% in recent times.

They said the fall in prices of these supplies and the offers gave them more ability to buy the quantities they needed, noting that the offers were valid for more than a month.

In turn, the two officials at the outlets said the antiviral products and the offers on them were due to the fierce competition between the declining number of infections and the growing confidence in government measures to combat the epidemic. Sales outlets.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer Anwar Yahya says the prices of some basic items to prevent corona virus infection, especially masks and gloves, have come down with offers that have significantly reduced their prices.

A month ago, outlets reduced the price of a pack of one type of mask (50 masks) from 9.8 dirhams to 9.90 dirhams, down from 65% earlier.

He pointed out that other outlets, a month ago, offered a price discount of 10 dirhams for one type of gloves instead of 21.50 dirhams, down 53.5%.

Discounts are extended for a long time, not more than a month, not a week as it was before.

Large size

For his part, the consumer, Iman al-Saadi, said he bought more masks after noticing the low price of masks and sterilizers and the benefits they contain.

For a long time sales outlets have been offering one type of mask, which sells for five dirhams instead of 9.50 dirhams per pack, down more than 47%, while shops have reduced the base selling price for another. Type in four dirhams instead of eight dirhams, which is 50%.

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Al-Saadi pointed out that after one package sells for 12.20 dirhams, one offer includes two package sterilizers for 10 dirhams, and outlets reduced the selling price of another type from 15 dirhams to 12 dirhams.

Sterilizers and gloves

In the same context, the consumer, Tariq al-Hosani, acknowledged that he was able to purchase the quantities he needed due to the recent reduction in the price of requirements for protection against the corona virus and the many price concessions.

He added, “After the old package sold for 12.50 dirhams, outlets have introduced new bottles of the popular sterilizer with a capacity of 500ml, at a price of 15 dirhams, instead of 250ml.

He pointed out that after the prevailing market price of more than 30 dirhams, outlets were offering new gloves for 21 dirhams, and outlets were offering discounts of 34 dirhams for a type of glove. 41%

He stressed that he had noticed that the discount offers had been extended for more than a month, and not a week as it had been before.

Electronic sites

According to consumers, the prices of anti-infective products have dropped significantly on electronic sites, from 20 dirhams to 20 dirhams, with a 60% discount and an electronic shopping platform offering a contemporary package on a November discount. Provides masks (50 masks) at a temporary price of one dirham, plus one type of gloves at a price of eight to 12 dirhams, with a discount of more than 50%

Confidence in deeds

In addition, Hassan Risk, a major store official, said what is happening in the market is a reflection of the many positive changes that the UAE has seen in recent times, particularly the significant and sustained decline in HIV numbers. He pointed out that there is growing confidence in the measures taken by the government in dealing with epidemics, as well as epidemics, as processes are characterized by flexibility and speed.

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Fierce competition

In turn, Rajiv Tamara, a sales officer in Abu Dhabi, felt that the fierce competition between brands to curb the corona virus was due to the abundance of distribution between local and importers, which favored consumers in obtaining goods. At a reasonable price.

He attributed the extended discounts, in the long run, to the abundance of these distributions and competition between outlets.

The market adjusts itself

According to retail expert Davy Nagpal, the market is adjusting itself according to supply and demand, fierce competition between outlets and the effectiveness of government measures to combat the epidemic. Nagpal called on the concerned authorities to strictly monitor any attempt to raise the prices of anti-infective products which have become inevitable in the event of any changes in their prices globally or domestically, or improvements in the terms of supply.

Prices of anti-infective supplies are declining significantly on electronic platforms.

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